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You’re either a SPECTATOR or movie DIRECTOR of your own life.

You're either a spectator or movie director of your own life.


Now you might say, “But Anna I don’t control my life. Other people, circumstances, organisations, the government, etc… control my life! I have no power.”


It’s only because you were taught NOT to listen to your inner being.

You were taught to listen to others because apparently they knew better. You were taught that problems were bad things, instead of learning how to harness the power from them.


This inner voice coming from your UNIVERSAL self, not only knows what you want.

It wants to guide you to get there.


It's a quiet voice that can't compete with the loud opinions in your head. So you must TUNE into it by finding some quiet time to LISTEN to it.


Remember, this outside world that looks and feels so real is the out-picturing of your INNER WORLD of THOUGHT.


It’s the mirror reflection of the sum of thoughts you’ve been thinking.


Most of us have been brought up with limited programming and unless this is challenged, our thoughts revert to this program.


We then manifest the evidence in life and use the evidence as a reason to recycle the same old limited thinking.


Observing current reality, instead of conjuring up a NEW reality keeps us in this vicious cycle.


So how do you move from being a spectator to a POWERFUL director, writer, producer and actor in your own life?


1.KNOW you are more than this persona you think you are.You have DIVINE WORTH.You are a Universal being having an experience through this human persona.


2.You didn’t came to face your reality. You came to CREATE the reality you prefer. You do this through experiencing the problems in life, giving birth to preferences, then DIRECTING your thoughts to create your NEW preferences. 

3.WITHDRAW from current reality to CREATE a NEW reality. Give yourself a break from current reality. Fire up your IMAGINATION. Abraham Hicks says the most productive thing you can do in your life is spend 15 mins a day imagining the life you want.


Now I want to talk more about the last step.


If visualising is not for you, you have the option of scripting (writing) the life you prefer, vision boards, or a favourite of mine, MIND MOVIES.


They are all different processes to help create a NEW reality.


‘Mind Movies’ are a visualisation software created by Glen and Natalie Ledwell. However, I was creating mini video clips on the free software iMovie before I knew this was a tool created by them.


Basically I compiled a whole lot of pics that represented my dream life and added uplifting music to them. On some slides I added powerful affirmations. This is a great way to direct the 'film' of your own life. You are in charge of your own plot. I would watch this daily or whenever I felt like it.  


Bizarre synchronicities began happening like the following:


  • I included pics eating at hatted restaurants (hatted restaurants are Australia’s version of Michelin restaurants).

  • Pictures of VIP treatment on fancy boats - Again I was not spending money on such things. Randomly my brother won another competition for a VIP package on a fancy boat. He was too sick to go so my friends and I danced away on the boat toasting our champagne glasses - all for FREE. Paid for by the Universe, just like I imagined from my mind movie.

  • Pictures of luxury boats exploring beautiful places - we went to Malaysia and I spotted a boat called the ’SUPER RICH’.

There were many other things that manifested from that movie.This is why I am encouraging you give it a go. You have nothing to lose. 

Will you be a spectator or movie director?


You can use the official original software, or free software on your computer or an app.


You might as well start 2024 with a movie for your life. It’s new material for your mind to think about, instead of the same recycled reality.

Will you be a spectator or movie director?


Anna xx


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