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Nothing has value except for the VALUE you ASSIGN to it.

Nothing has value except for the VALUE you ASSIGN to it.

Do you know that nothing has value except for the value you assign to it?

We live in a PERCEPTUAL Universe. 

Every thing, object, person and experience has no INHERENT value. They are all props and backdrops of a play.

We, the perceivers are the ones giving the props meaning.

We’re the storytellers.

Something that is wonderful to one person means nothing to the next.

If I told you that you won tickets to see a particular band and you couldn’t care less about that band, the perceived value would be low.

However, if you were a die-hard fan, your whole Universe would be exploding in joy.

I remember in my early days of teaching I has to substitute a kinder class. It was ‘show and tell’ time.

A little girl stood in front of the class unravelling her precious mystery object from several tea towels.

The kids watched in excitement as she revealed a pink rock.

“This is a rock. I painted it pink. Any questions?”

The kids shot their arms as high as they could busting out of their skin to ask about the treasure. 

I stood there thinking… REALLY?

Everything is perceived value and meaning.

The kids added the magic meaning to a meaningless rock.

Imagine if we could do that with our lives.

If they could get that excited about the value of a rock, how much VALUE can you assign to your LIFE?

What meaning are you assigning to your experiences?

Do you see it as a struggle or a great adventure?

A setback or an opportunity?

A loss or a secret blessing in disguise?


You can add ANY meaning to any event in your life.

You can also CHANGE the value you place on YOURSELF and what you have to offer the world.

You can choose to think, 'I'm insignificant', or think, 'Even this apparently insignificant action has ripple effects on the world.

You can think, 'I have nothing to offer,' or think, 'I'm uniquely me... No one has had my experiences... so there is something I can offer that no one else can.'


Are you under valuing your services? How can you open your eyes to the value you give to the world?

If you feel trauma because you’ve assigned an experience as ‘loss’?

How can you shift your perspective to what you gained from it?

Dr Demartini taught me to think, setbacks are not in the way but helping me on the way. It clarifies my desire.

When you assign this meaning it rearranges future events to unfold as a blessing.

There are no permanent labels or categories on anyone in the Universe.

It is ALL human made. It is perceptual. 

INCREASE the value of all your experiences by SHIFTING your perception.

This way, you can live the grandest version of your life.

The VALUE you ASSIGN is everything.


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