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Create from your INFINITE being, not your human self.

Create from your INFINITE being, not your human self.

Create your 2024 life from your INFINITE being, not your human self. "How can I create 'X,Y,Z' for 2024?"


A lady asked me this as she looked at her circumstances, not seeing how it was possible.


I told her, "You cannot create departing from REALITY.


Reality is a great launching pad for knowing what you DO want, however it LIMITS you to drawing resources from what you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch.


You end up relying too much on evidence of your past.


If you want a greater life, depart from who you REALLY are - an INFINITE being."


Remember, you have TWO selves.


  1. A limited physical persona (character).

  2. Your TRUE Infinite being who exists eternally.


Although this life feels SO real. It's all an illusion.


It's a playing field, a type of virtual game, so your infinite being can have an emotional experience through it.


Even though physical life is an illusion, your emotional journey through it IS real.


If we think the illusion is real, we limit ourselves to the blocks we see, hear and touch.


We also limit ourselves to the persona (character) we created and its abilities, skills and talents.


  • "I'm only human."

  • "I haven't done that before, so I can't."

  • "No one else has done that... I better stick to what the crowd is doing instead of listening to my inner voice."


You are NOT only human.


You are a Universal Being, greater than Marvel heroes and Jedi knights.


You are by birthright UNIVERSAL ROYALTY - mini-gods.


However you must ACTIVATE the power within yourself.


When you see something you want, don't start counting your resources weighing up the pros and cons.


Go straight to ENERGY - the building blocks of creation - in your IMAGINATION.


In this unlimited space you are being your TRUE infinite self.


You are not limited by WHAT IS.


I sometimes say to myself, "I give myself permission to put aside reality for a moment," before I do this. I set aside the illusion.


I then FIRE up my imagination.


If you're not a visual person, write about the life you want. Play uplifting music with lyrics which match what you want.


You want the FEELING of that to come to life.


Departing from your INFINITE being, instead of your human self gives you a free passport to all possible realities in the quantum field.


It gives you access to tap into parallel possibilities in your life.


If you depart from your human self, you will not go as far.

Your persona will limit and constrain you to the evidence of your past.


And you will have to rely on the abilities of your physical persona you've created = struggle.


When you depart from your universal self, you have the support of the entire Universe.When you depart from energy life gets exciting.


  • Synchronicities begin happening.

  • You receive ideas you never thought of before.

  • You start meeting the right people.

  • You receive hunches on what action to take.


Listen to your inner-voice.

Trust in your intuition over the evidence and opinions of the world outside of you.


The voice of Source is always for the good of yourself and others. 

This is a secret to creating an amazing life in 2024.


Are there any other tips to end 2023 and prepare the BEST 2024? Here are my 3 added tips for ending a year and pre-paving a better new year:


1.HIGHLIGHT what went well this year (the wins, the good times, the laughter) and APPRECIATE it. Re-activating these vibrations is great because Law of Attraction will match more experiences like it.


2.PIVOT unwanted experiences.If there were things that didn't go well - these are valuable too. They DEFINE with more CLARITY and DESIRE what we want for the new year.

I use Abraham Hick's technique of PIVOTING."I know what I don't want... Now I know what I DO want."


Flesh out what you clearly now want by describing it, feeling it and asking why you want it.


3.Have FUN x 100.DECIDE you're going to finish the year with a whole lot of FUN. Get creative. It doesn't have to cost a lot. It can be something your inner child wants to do. My friends used to run through the sprinklers, I'd learn a new dance... whatever FUN means to you as long as it doesn't diminish anyone. This high vibration makes you an excellent match to more wanted things in your life.


Remember, the Law of Attraction is always matching up energies, so the best way to end 2023 and welcome 2024 is to move into the higher ENERGY of what you WANT.


So here's to creating in 2024 as your INFINITE BEING! 


Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!!!!


Anna xx


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