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Sneaky THOUGHTS which BLOCK money.

Sneaky thoughts which block money

Do you know we all have SNEAKY thoughts which BLOCK money which we may not even be aware of?

I know you don't believe me... however the Universe is ABUNDANT. 


It flows UNLIMITED potential energy our way.

So where's the money?

The Universe has one caveat. It made us MASTERS of our domain.

Even though energy FLOWS to us, we MUST transform it just like clay by our THOUGHTS.

We transform it by where our ATTENTION goes.

So if we're unaware of limiting beliefs around money, or are not prepared to change our habits of thought... we will turn the ABUNDANT energy into LIMITED stuff.

This is why MONEY is a touchy subject.

We love it.

We fear it.

We want it.

We are traumatised by it.

We show it off.

We hide it.

We think it will run out so we hold onto it desperately.

Imagine if money was a person we had a relationship with.

Do you think money would want to stick around with this mixed bag of emotions we have and all our insecurities?

“Please money… don’t LEAVE ME!!!”

Money would be running out the door!

It doesn’t know whether it’s welcomed, scolded, adored or shunned.

Money itself is as neutral as a slice of pizza. We assign the meaning to it. 

If we had a healthy experience growing up with money and received positive messages about it, we would easily ALLOW it in.

If we grew up experiencing lack, listening to limiting messages like:

“We can’t afford it” 

“Money doesn’t grow on trees” 

“There’s never enough” 

“Money is the root of evil.” 

“I’ve never been good with money.”

…We will unconsciously push money away.

Basically.. we have a DYSFUNCTIONAL relationship with money.

Here are some of the SNEAKY thoughts which block money:

SNEAKY THOUGHT 1: "Money isn't spiritual."

This is crazy because money is energy and energy flows abundantly from the Universe.

Some people may not use it for good, however that has to do with the heart of the person - not the money. There are people doing good with money every day.

I used to believe it was somehow noble to have no money. Except I was left unable to do much.

Now I want more money than ever for this reason.

It enables me to do what my soul wants to do.

I can make larger donations to build water wells in developing countries.

I can support my nieces in extra-curricular lessons.

I can buy more organic food which allows the animals to have better conditions for living.

I can travel and see the magic of the world.

Money can be used to expand ourselves and others and fulfill our dreams.

SNEAKY THOUGHTS 2: Putting down or criticising rich, successful people.

This may be something you picked up as a child as you heard adults comment about rich people.

Here's the thing. If you make a judgement that someone with money is bad... you will subconsciousnesly block it from coming to you - because YOU don't want to be bad.

Celebrate the things you want when you see them in others. They are signs of what's in store for you.

Your inner being knows there is more than enough for everyone.

SNEAKY THOUGHTS 3: Fear of the consequence of having money.

If you make a list of all the fears you have if you start making money, you will see how ridiculous some of these sneaky thoughts are.

For example:

Sneaky thought: "I'm afraid I'll have to pay tax."

Use your reasoning faculty. If you pay more tax, it's an indication you are also making more money. You are still in a better position than having no money.

Sneaky thought: "Everyone will want to get money off me."

Use your reasoning again. Yes they may ask you. However you have inner guidance you can consult and you can choose whether you are inspired to give or say no.

I stick to this rule of giving... it must feel good to give.

If they get upset at you, they are not lining up their thoughts and no amount of giving to them will help them. They have the same power as you to ALIGN with the Universe.

Sneaky thought:"People will judge me and not like me."

Again, if they judge you, it has to do with them, not you. It is the Universe's wish that every person thrive with abundance.

It is only warped limited thinking we grew up with which makes us criticise and judge rich people.

Sneaky thought:"All rich people are greedy and superficial."

Yes there are rich greedy superficial people.

There are also rich good people and I have met plenty of them.

There are poor greedy superficial people.

There are also poor good people and I have met plenty of them.

Money is just a resource and how a person chooses to handle the money has to do with the person not the money.


So how do you allow MORE in?


You start by being aware of these sneaky thoughts and to start replacing them with more sound EMPOWERING thoughts.

You can also join the FREE MIND over MONEY masterclass series starting 21 November 2023 called MIND OVER MONEY.


It's a money manifesting masterclass.


Basically, 23 speakers from around the world (including myself) will be tackling money beliefs from different angles to help you tear down those blocks preventing money flowing more freely into your life.


To find out more, click on this link

It’s time to let your money energy flow.

Pull out those sneaky thought WEEDS and start planting SEEDS.

Many blessings

Anna xx


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