• Anna Garcia

Lacking confidence? The Universe fully believes in you


I get it. We’ve all been there.

We have this big dream but the thought comes up, ‘I can’t do that.’

- I can’t start my own business.

- I can’t ask that person on a date.

- I can’t do what those successful people do.

The very fact that you have the desire means somewhere in the universe the solution exists.

It can be pretty challenging believing in ourselves when everyone else looks so impressive on social media.

That’s why this is one of the steps that I do to build confidence.

I ask the Universe this question,

‘How do you feel about me?’

The Universe not only loves you, the Universe adores you! Just like parents that encourage their infant to take his or her first fumbly steps, the Universe is completely cheering you on.

Let your only image be this loving image.

Let your only audience be the Universe.

Forget the competition.

Because you have something to offer the world that no one else can offer.

Repeat this affirmation, “The Universe always believes in me.”

If you want to hear more tips on how to build confidence, I’ve been invited to speak this week about ‘Confidence’ Live on Instagram.

It will be via @annagarcia_lifecoach and @defenseninjas 9- 9.30am Friday 24th July AEST / 4-4.30pm Thursday 23rd July PDT

Save it to your calendar.


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