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Anna Garcia Law of Attraction Life Coach in Sydney.


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want to manifest your goals with less effort,
pain and struggle?

Here's why mindset & energy alignment
is the secret to effortless creation...

It takes two things to manifest a goal.


When desires and beliefs match up there is an alignment of energy and your goal comes to you effortlessly. 

Unfortunately most people have desires and beliefs running in opposing directions. 

I want money but I don't believe I can have it...
I want the perfect relationship but I keep meeting duds...

I want a healthy body but I will have to work hard and eat boring food...

Notice the contradiction?

You can have the best intention and take all the action steps necessary, but if you don't bridge that gap between what you want and what you believe, you aren't getting anywhere. 

It takes desire and belief to manifest a goal but often there is a gap which creates misalignment. Illustration by Anna Garcia.

That is why you can feel stuck or in a funk. No wonder... you are driving with the brakes on!

In fact, that discomfort is an indication that there is split energy between you and you.


That feeling of effort, stress and struggle  = split energy. 
That feeling of effortless, inspired and fun creation = aligned energy.

These limiting beliefs can really sneak up on you and sometimes you don't even realise they are running like a background program on your computer.

Your THOUGHTS turn to THINGS so rather than trying to patch up your life from the outside, it is worthwhile taking a closer look at what's going on inside.
Creation begins with a thought which creates a feeling, which creates reality, which creates more contrast, which creates a new thought. Diagram and illustration by Anna Garcia
When you have a goal, your logic tells you to reach for it, but beliefs can be a challenge. Illustration by Anna Garcia.
Yahoo Finance article features Anna Garcia. She is listed as a top 10 female coach in Australia in 2021
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Free Intro
Coaching Session

The free 30 minute introductory discovery call allows you to experience my style of coaching and lets you decide whether we are the right partnership.

It is obligation-free and an opportunity to get you kickstarted
in the direction of your goals.

Let's look at it from another angle.

Say you desire to reach your goals, e.g. to make a certain amount of money.

Let's imagine your goals are sitting on the other side of the river. 

Your logical mind tells you to just cross that river right?

But you don't realise there is a strong current of negative beliefs running across the river making it very difficult to cross.

I don't know how I'm going to do this.

Not many people succeed.

I'm afraid I might fail. It's really hard to make lots of money.

Rich people are greedy.

When a current of belief goes against your goal, it can be difficult to manifest your goal. Illustration by Anna Garcia.

With enough effort you can probably reach your goals, but not without a lot of pushing, striving, pain and struggle through the current.


You will get there, but is there an easier way to cross?

What if you were given the tools to calm that current so you can cross easily?

What if you realise the only one creating the current is you?

What if you found out the Universe is not out to get you, but cheering you on and working WITH YOU?

There is no big scary monster out there. There is not a source of darkness blocking your way. You are the ONLY  person getting in your way.

YOU are your greatest enemy but also your greatest HERO.


how a mindset and energy alignment LIFE coach can help you

That's where I step in to help you bridge the gap between you and you.

I use energy alignment strategies, mindset processes, intuitive coaching and leverage from Universal laws to help unblock where you are stuck.


I coach you back into alignment and with practise you become a powerful master of yourself.

When you align your beliefs in the same direction as you goal you are in alignment and you manifest easily.  Illustration by Anna Garcia.
Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction

There are laws in this Universe taking place whether you are aware of them or not.


Understanding the rules of the 'game of life' can help you become more of a deliberate creator instead of living life by default.


Universal laws, in particular, Law of Attraction is the leading edge of thought and not for the faint hearted.


It's the premise that what you think about, you bring about, or like attracts like.

You may have positive or negative reactions to the Law of Attraction through the documentary, The Secret.  This barely touches the surface of how this Universe works. 

And no... it's not just a matter of thinking, sitting doing nothing and voila - what you want magically appearing!

Let me tell you, there is action involved, but it will be inspired action.

I teach Universal Laws because there is a huge leverage in having the Universe work with you, than relying on your own strength.

But it's not for everyone. Only those who are ready for it.

Did you know Napoleon Hill had to edit all the parts on 'vibration' with the Law of Attraction out of his original best-selling 1937 manuscript Think and Grow Rich because the audience wasn't ready for it at the time?

Creation is the process of attraction. Work on what is 'inside' and you will start to attract on the 'outside'.

Once you start this journey, the puzzle of your life will start to make sense.

'I keep creating more and
more abundance. It’s one
success after the other.'

Jo shares how she is creating more abundance through Anna Garcia Life Coahing.

'I often come to the session feeling like the sky is falling,

but by the end I walk

away feeling calm.'

Emma shares how she found a feeling of calm after working with Anna Garcia life coach.

'I felt like the doors had been opened and I could see everything so much clearer.''

'I trust myself more to make decisions that are aligned with

my values rather than seeking

the approval of others.'

Jen makes more aligned decisions after working with Anna Garcia.

'Anna helped me at a time

when I needed to change

the direction of my career.'

Sofia found direction in her career after working with Anna.

'Anna is a master of Law of Attraction and can shift your mindset in minutes...'

Lauren shifted her mindset with law of attraction working with Anna Garcia.
Bernadette found alignment working with Anna.

'Anna had the power to
shift my axis and get
me back on track.'

'Throughout the breakdown

of my marriage and separation

she has helped me focus

on the "positive aspects"'.

Rebecca focused on positive aspects after working with a Life Coach.

'I've learnt to manifest even when reality and the odds are against me.'

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HOW TO WORK WITH ME as your coach?

Do a test run.


I offer a free 30 minute introductory coaching session online or over the phone.

I am based in Sydney and coach clients locally and internationally.


If you want to continue beyond that,  I offer coaching packages or single sessions. See the full range of programs I offer.


It is also much easier to change yourself, than to try to patch up what is happening in your outer world.

Life is meant to be good. Life is meant to be fun. When you apply these strategies you will experience more JOY in every 'now' moment of your life.


   Anna Garcia


Dr Gem Ninic, Sydney
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