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Feeling trapped? Activate your DIVINE ability.

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Activate your DIVINE ability.

“I feel trapped… there is no way out of this.”

We’ve all felt moments where it seemed life was out of our control.

A situation, a relationship, financial messes and so forth have made us feel like there was no way out.

But are we REALLY trapped?

We have a DIVINE blueprint within us - which means we have the DNA of INFINITE intelligence.

This means we are UNLIMITED in nature.

So the only LIMITS which exist can only be within our own mind - of our own conjuring.

What if the world out there is telling us there are limits?

People have said, "You can't do it!"

"There is NO way!"

"Give up now... It's never been done!"

Water can be all around us, however unless it is IN us we cannot drown.

Someone else’s limit only becomes our own if we accept it through ENTERTAINING that thought.

If we don’t accept a limit in our mind, the Universe will REARRANGE our world to come up with a solution.

If we entertain a mental image of what we want with FEELING, the Universe will find a way to bring it to us.

So long as we have the ability to THINK and CHANGE our thoughts, we are not trapped.

So long as we have the ability to IMAGINE we are not trapped.

The great teacher Bashar shared this example of this lady who sought to travel the world. Only problem was she was broke.

It did not matter that she was broke. She had the currency of IMAGINATION

She consistently visualised herself travelling the world.

One day she got an idea to approach an airline and ask for free travel - in EXCHANGE for her photographs. She was a photographer and offered unlimited use of her images for marketing.

They not only paid for her free world wide travel, they paid for her hotels and food.

Even though she didn't have money (trapped), her mind was not trapped. It entertained POSSIBILITY.

This was enough for the Universe to work with.

I read about the Soviet human-rights activist Anatoly Shcharansky (Natan Sharansky) who was wrongfully imprisoned for 9 years in a dark cold cell. He mentally played chess against himself every day instead of succumbing to the situation. When he was released he moved to Israel and became a cabinet minister.

When the world chess champion Gary Kasparov came to Israel, Sharansky beat him.

This is the POWER of our MIND.

We have the ability to FREE ourselves by thought.

Are you use this divine ability to keep yourself trapped or to FREE yourself? Many blessings,



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