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Do we come down from heaven to join a PHYSICAL body?

Do we come down from heaven to join a physical body?

Do we come down from heaven to join a PHYSICAL body?

Growing up in I always had this idea that we came from Spirit, then descended and landed in a human body. So in other words, we were either 'spirit' or 'physical', however not both.

Later, I understood, we don’t ‘come down’ from heaven.

We remain FIXED in heaven, while a PORTION of our consciousness FOCUSES into physical reality to have an experience.


Think about it. It's just like when we watch a movie.

Part of our consciousness is FOCUSED into the PHYSICAL world, sitting in the movie theatre eating popcorn, while another part of our consciousness is focused within the inner world of the movie - TWO world perspectives.

We did not remove ourselves from the theatre and plant ourselves within the film - only our CONSCIOUSNESS joins it.

In the same way, a large part of our consciousness resides planted in heaven while a portion tunes into THIS world (the matrix) to have an experience.

This is the reason why we have 2 points of view.

It’s the reason why we can have moments like "My mind tells me one thing... but my heart tells me another."

It's our two perspectives from Spirit and from the Physical.

It’s why we can have an outer world of reality and an inner world of imagination and dreams.

It’s the tension between the two focal points of consciousness - one from a Universal Spirit perspective and the other the physically orientated perspective.

So if part of our consciousness is already in heaven, then the ‘death experience’ is just the re-emergence of our consciousness back to the fullness of life - the FULL VIEW.

The experience of transitioning is like the movie credits rolling at the end of a good movie and us reflecting on what we just watched, packing up our stuff and getting up from our chair, ready to move on and possibly watch another movie.

Our life doesn't END after watching our movie. We simply broaden our view, zoom out of the ‘theatre of our physical life’ and enjoy the FULL perspective of TRUE Life - Universal Infinite energy. Some call this God energy, Source energy, or Universal consciousness.

If we enjoyed the movie, we take those good feelings with us.

Bashar says, if we had a difficult life, we will wake up like we just woke up from a bad dream.

We will give it no more than a few seconds worth of attention, because the full perspective is so magnificent.

Why am I sharing this? A lot of us get traumatised when loved ones transition.

We think they have left us behind.

If we only knew they are right here sitting next to us... sitting next to our soul, watching the great 'movie' of our lives from the theatre of eternal life sharing heaven popcorn, then we would find comfort.

No matter what you are going through, take a step back and broaden your view.

Remember WHO you REALLY are.


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