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Make Your Feelings UnHurtable

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

“I can’t FEEL better till you APOLOGISE to me!”

Ever been in this situation?

We have a tendency to have this reaction when someone has wronged us.

I used to think this was natural, till Abraham Hicks said this odd statement, “Make your feelings UNHURTABLE.”

How do we make our feelings UNHURTABLE?

We make our feelings unhurt able when we seek our fill from SOURCE who loves us unconditionally, NOT from people.

People can only flow, what they are receiving themselves. So if they cut off from Source, there is nothing to supply to us.

It’s like drinking from muddy water when we have access to a crystal clear clean abundant spring.

I stick to this rule.

Fill up from Source, then FLOW LOVE to people. People are not our supply.

When we seek an apology we are also not understanding universal laws.

For every question is an ANSWER.

Every problem has a SOLUTION.

Every setback creates GROWTH.

Whenever we experience the bumps in life, we LAUNCH MORE.

We ask GREATER questions. We launch DESIRES. We EXPAND.

That rascal that did this to me, has now caused me to be GREATER… it caused me to dig deep, to get clarity, to get wisdom, to get a NEW idea.

When someone hurts us, wrongs us, insults us… the Universe adds MORE to our vibrational warehouse.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, rather TRANFORMS into something NEW.

But we can’t receive it if we keep pointing out the wrong.

When Tony Robbins was financially double crossed by his own team, he was raging. But when he went to reflect, he received the greatest ideas for one of his most successful courses which makes MORE money than the money lost.

So breathe. Understand the laws are in your favour.

When someone is kind to you - that’s nice.

When someone hurts you - MORE to create.

The masses live in the illusions of gain and loss but the master lives in the world of transformation.” - Dr. John Demartini.

Make your feelings unhurtable


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