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Let Your Life be a Standing Ovation

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I love funerals… for this reason.

It causes us to think about how we are living our lives.

It causes us to ponder the finite time we have in this particular lifetime.

We are all going to transition… it is the natural progression of life.

Yet sometimes we think we are going to be around forever.

So we put our dreams on hold.

We delay following what is in our heart.

We say, “I don’t have the ability, or courage, or talent to do that…”

And we give up…

Or we say, “I’ll do it later.”

Whilst we are eternal beings and there is no real death - we pass through this life and continue to expand, don’t you want to live out the full expression of who you were meant to be for this segment of the journey?

Before you came into this body, you said, “Send me… send me… I want to EXPERIENCE the FULLNESS of who I can be.

I want to ALLOW SOURCE ENERGY to flow through me in MAXIMUM expression.

I want to experience my own light in the darkness.

I want to see my strength grow in the challenges.

I want to catch up with myself - the new desires I will continually launch.

I want to feel my way through life, fall over and make mistakes, then pick myself up again and not give up.

I want to grow in wisdom as I learn from my mistakes.

I want to unleash my unique genius.

I want to hear my own voice and inner guidance and filter out everyone else’s opinions.

I want to enjoy life and have fun adventures.

I want to love.

That was the intention. But sometimes we forget and we wander around in life not knowing where we are going.

The destination was never to live a ‘safe’ life, then exit.

The destination is an EMOTIONAL EXPANSION, a journey of the invisible, a feeling of life flowing through us, which is the treasure which moths and rust can’t destroy and no one else can steal.

It was never just about a physical journey, rather an emotional journey.

At the end of the funeral I went to, they played his favourite karaoke song, Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ while they played pictures of his joy filled life.

He certainly did it his way. He lived a truly successful life because it was filled with love. He took on the challenges of moving countries. I always saw him smile. He was there for others.

At the end of the song, everyone clapped with a standing ovation. Don’t wait to LIVE. Let your life be a standing ovation.

Let your life be a standing ovation. The purpose of life is to experience joy.


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