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It is to live so well that death, or the fear of it cannot remove

your joy. It is to have such a good time that you

don't even notice death when it comes.

You just close your eyes in one room and wake up in another.

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I'm a Mindset & energy
alignment coach,
a teacher of the law of
attraction and mum.

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A little story about me...

Once upon a time I thought the formula to life was like this.


You grow up, go to school, work hard, marry, get a house, chuck some kids in and you live happily ever after.

I did the right thing according to the formula… I was a ‘good’ girl, got top grades, enrolled into Law… until I realised school had not prepared me for life at all!


I wish I could tell you I had rainbows and ‘heal the world’ light rays shooting out of me from day one, but the truth is my journey was more like a voyage up and down rocky mountains, through the ‘unwanted’, to come to understand the ‘wanted’.

Sometimes the pathway in life is not a straight route but a journey up and down mountains. Illustration by Anna Garcia Life Coach.
More about me. I love Universal laws and life coaching with the Law of Attraction. I have been coaching since 2012.
Anna is a faculty teacher a metaphysical school

I remember sitting on a train on the way to work thinking about my future of reading piles of documents forevermore.


That caused a dreaded feeling. Was this all I had to look forward to?

Maybe if I enrolled in something more creative I'd be happier? I dropped out of Law and started a design degree only to have that dark feeling follow me.

When you walk away from problems, you take the problems with you because you take your thoughts with you. Illustration by Anna Garcia Life Coach.

At uni we were told, image was everything and content was nothing.
Was this my superficial future?


Did I come into this physical life to just sit in front of a computer deciding if a letter ‘A’ should be positioned here, here, or there?


There must be MORE TO LIFE!

My decision to become poor


My desire for an answer was huge. I packed my bags and travelled to a remote village on the other side of the world in Bosnia because I heard it was spiritual.


Then my answer came… or so I thought.


I met a group of full time missionaries (like nuns but without habits) and they looked so happy with little possessions.


What if I became like them? Would I find my answer?


I did the most drastic thing a 19 year old person could do.


Instead of going clubbing, shopping and partying, I entered a convent taking vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

I chopped my hair off short, gave away all my money and possessions, left uni and left the boyfriend I had planned to marry to become a full-time missionary.


So it wasn’t quite like Sister Act. It was fun at first and deeply fulfilling.


Until I started noticing something.


A lesson on what life is not


We were given new teachings.


In order to be enlightened, you had to be small, kill your pride, become nothing, put yourself down.


Welcome to the ‘holy path’.  The terms and conditions meant your reward would not be in this lifetime but after death in heaven.


We would literally do rounds of ‘putting each other down’ every day to help each other kill that pride. Feeling bad was supposed to be good.

Deep down every person is good and just trying their best. Don't accept otherwise. Illustrated by Anna Garcia Life Coach.

On top of that we also ‘killed the flesh’. Want an apple? Eat an orange. Want to kill your vanity? Don’t look in the mirror for 4 years.


I was always in trouble by the superiors – kind of like Maria in The Sound of Music. No matter how hard I tried, I kept stuffing up the rules.

I questioned inside, but aren’t we supposed to enjoy life here too?


After 4 years of an austere life, I left.


Actually, I ran away, but that is a story in itself.


I thought my life was over – a failure.  It took me 10 years to understand why that experience benefitted me enormously.

Later when I saw Marianne Williamson’s quote it all made sense. 

'There is nothing enlightened about shrinking…
We are all meant to shine.' - Marianne Williamson

Life is meant to feel good


Coming back into the world felt like coming out of a time capsule. I went back to uni and met an amazing, kind nun and she was more like a life coach.


She made me ponder how big and how kind the Universe could be... and how far and how wide I could take my life.


Life was meant to be good, life was meant to be fun and we were meant to shine not shrink.


If life was not this closed box of rules and limited ideas, could it be beyond the box?


What if the Universe was bigger than everything humans had taught me?


What if the Universe was not this punishing God I learnt about? 

Lupus – the wolf


There was one other major bend in my journey which started while I was a missionary.


One day I noticed I felt like an 80 year old – except I was only 19.


First it was the swollen joints, then the swollen feet that I couldn’t walk, then a month of fevers.

found out I had an autoimmune disease called lupus.


Six months later I woke up with a rare case of bleeding retinas in both eyes caused by abnormalities due to lupus – then back and forth with doctors.


It was with me for the last 22 years. I tell this story for a reason and I believe
I created this in so I could understand how life works and to help others.


I was sick, pale, tired. The doctors told me I'd be sick for the rest of my life because there was no cure.


I was told to look out because lupus could affect anything from my head to my toes and I'd get sick easily and recover slowly.


I asked my specialist if there were any natural cures and he told me no.

So of course, I repeated this story to everyone I met.

My life matched the story I told myself.

The power of the mind

But when I was introduced to the work of Dr Demartini, I was fascinated by the power of the mind.


I started using visualisation to manifest small things, then bigger things. It was amazing what imagination could do.


I decided I would become a life coach - something that I had never heard of.

The more I understood the power of the mind, the more I learnt about the consciousness of cells and epigenetics, the more I pondered how the Universe that created me had the power to heal me.

I started to question the story I was given by the doctors.

I searched online for anyone that had been cured of lupus but had difficulty.
In the end, I did the only thing I knew.


I asked myself a magic question. 


What if I imagined what it felt like to be well?


I spent 15 minutes a day in meditation using my imagination to conjure up the feelings of having a healthy body.

I would feel my cells full of vitality in my visualisations, even though I was really aching in my joints... and for  a moment, it felt real.

Something amazing started happening over time.


I started to feel strength.
I started to feel vitality. A few years later I trained as a Zumba teacher.

I stopped taking the medication for a year because I felt well (I am not telling any of you to stop following your doctor's advice).


When I got my blood test results my specialist looked perplexed. Lupus DNA activity was at 0%.

"Your body has managed to put itself into remission without medication. I have only seen this in about 2% of people."

I knew I had collaborated with the Universe.

What followed was an amazing life. I had a miracle baby (she was supposed to be a miscarriage).


I self-published and illustrated a parenting book. I became a local radio host,
I was an Art teacher, started learning French cooking and floristry and so much travel.

I was introduced to the universal teachings of Abraham Hicks and I loved it! The Abraham Hicks teachings became my jam and  the foundation of my work.


In July, 2018, I was blessed to travel to Alaska and spend a week attending a workshop with Abraham. 

Life is meant to be good and fun so do what brings you joy. Illustration by Anna.

A specialist in Universal Laws

I get asked this question, 'Are you a psychologist?'

I say no, it's totally different.


Whilst I do work with mindset, I work more with energy and alignment.

I specialise in the Law of Attraction and teaching Universal Laws.


The focus is always on moving forward, never looking back.


It doesn't matter where you have been, the Universe is offering the same amount of love and support for you to move forward from NOW.


The coaching I do is about opening up your valve to the very zest that life has to offer. It's allowing life energy to flow through you. 


It’s not something you achieve once and for all like a certificate (wish it were that easy),  but a moment by moment journey of connection and disconnection to source.


So in answer to that question, I received my coaching certification through the Inspired Spirit  Coaching Academy in 2011. I also studied under Bob Proctor's 12 month Coaching Program in 2019.

Find happiness where you are


The biggest thing I learned is people pick up energy, not words. 


I can only be of help to people if I am connected to the stream of well-being, the loving energy that is in every ‘now’ moment.


The journey has been up and down – but what a spectacular view!


Every experience serves. The lower into darkness you go, the greater heights you can soar.


It’s up to you to dig for the gold in whatever life presents you. Find the benefits in the good and in the crap. Find the happiness of being YOU.

That's it about me.

Anna Garcia xx

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