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Manifest more abundance,
more joy, more fun and ease...

Anna Garcia Law of Attraction Coach

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Life is meant to be good.

Life is meant to be fun.

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As Ernest Holmes once inspired me in his book

This Thing Called You ...


Imagine a beautiful painting. 

That painting

= your desire

= what is calling you

= what is waiting for you.

Imagine your goal like a perfect painting. Illustrated by Anna Garcia Life Coach.
Imagine your perfect goal covered by dirty glass. Illustrated by Anna Garcia Life Coach.

Now imagine a sheet of dirty glass over that picture.

That dirty glass = limiting beliefs you pick up from current reality.

When you can't see your hopes and dreams, doubts creep in.

Does it really exist?

Maybe it was all imagined, an illusion.

Maybe it will never happen.

Better settle for this dirty glass.


But just because you can't see the perfect painting (your desire), it doesn't meant that it isn't there.


It just means that limiting thoughts (the dirty glass) make it hard to see.

And if you can't see it, you won't reach for it.

Clean up that dirty glass of limiting beliefs so you can see your goals. Illustrated by Anna Garcia Life Coach.

So clean up that glass. Get in touch. Try a free coaching session.


Got a question? Happy to answer.


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