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Your job is to RAISE your VIBRATION

Raising your vibration is the key

Have you ever said, “I NEED to manifest THIS!”?

I know I have.

I’ve said this in desperation and neediness.

But this is where we are getting MANIFESTING all wrong.

We are not CREATING.

We are ALLOWING creation in.

What you want is not to be made by you.

The Universe has ALREADY created it.

It exists as a type of alternate reality option in the vibrational field of possibility.

But for it to come into your physical reality, you must be a VIBRATIONAL MATCH to your own creation.

What you want is ALREADY CREATED (or else you couldn't want it).

But there is a difference between the vibration of NEEDING something and the vibration of ALREADY having it.

To receive, you must feel you ALREADY have it, or you must focus on other better feeling topics in your life so that you can allow your vibration to RISE.

Since the vibration of what you want is a high frequency, focusing on other things which FEEL GOOD also allows you to be a match.

Imagine you are tuned into a radio station ‘I lack and I really really need that’ FM.

And you say to me, “Anna I really really want to tune into ‘I already have it’ FM.”

I would say to you, “Just change your dial to the frequency of ‘I already have it’FM”.

Then if you say to me, “But Anna, you don’t understand. I really really don’t like listening to ‘I lack and I really really need that’ FM. Help me get to ‘I already have it’ FM.”

I would say, “Move your tuner (your attention) over to ‘I already have it’ FM.”

The point is, you cannot get rid of a radio station. It will exist for all eternity.

You can only TUNE another radio station. You can tune into a different frequency by what you put your attention on.

Even if you need to use your imagination.

When you do, you will receive a different signal.

You will receive a completely different broadcast to those tuned into the other station, even though you are both standing in the same room!.

So let’s recap the Steps in Manifesting:

Step 1: Ask.

Step 2: The Universe Answers.

Step 3: Allow it in by feeling you already have it, or by RAISING your VIBRATION.

There are many ways to raise your vibration to allow your creation in

My guest blog writer Scott Sanders shares his tips on raising your vibration on my blog.

This is your only job.

Tune into a higher frequency.

Then you will be given ideas, the right people, the right opportunities and you will be prompted to action.

Many blessings

Anna xx


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