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YOU determine YOUR life

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

If there’s ONE lesson I learnt in life, it’s this. Setbacks, circumstances or the opinions of others don’t have to determine your life. YOU determine your life.

I’ve had so many messages told to me by well-meaning people.

I was diagnosed with lupus at age 18. I had two bleeding retinas and was told I’d never be off medication.

I was told it would be difficult to fall pregnant and when I did, I was told it was a miscarriage. When my baby was found to be alive, I was told it would be deformed and dangerous in my body.

I was a missionary for 4 years and was told I was messed up psychologically and if I had a family, I would abandon them. Do you know what happened?

Through visualising a healthy body, my lupus went into remission and I’ve been medication free. My doctor was stunned and said it was miraculous as he’d only seen this in 2% of cases.

I gave birth to a perfectly healthy girl.

I met an amazing husband and we have had incredible adventures all over the world.

I’ve been blessed living a fulfilling joyful life.

Those predictions never came true.

People are entitled to opinions, but what they’re missing out is this bit of vital information.

Within each of us is this seed, a source of Universal consciousness.

Just as an apple tree is destined to produce apples, we are destined for EXPANSION.

Every time we talk constructively to ourselves, we open the valve to this Universal consciousness and allow LIFE to flow through us. We summon more energy.

Every time we put ourselves down or entertain limiting beliefs, we block the energy flow.

WE control the VALVE.

You see, it’s not important how others see you. It’s only important how the Universe sees you… And the Universe only sees nothing but the BEST of you.

The Universe LOVES you, appreciates you, cheers you on…

When you line up with the view of how the Universe sees you, you’re powerful beyond measure.

When you stop beating yourself up and telling yourself you can’t and replace that with ‘What if I can?’ you agree with the Universe.

When doubts crop up , command your mind “This is how I want my life.”

“You did not come to face reality. You came to create reality.” – Abraham Hicks

You create your reality.


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