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Why can't the world be perfect?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Have you ever thought, "Why can't the world just be perfect? Then I can have an easy life"?

I know I have.

No doubt it is much easier to be happy when what you see before you is already perfect.

Well guess what?

The world will NEVER be a ‘perfect’ place so you can just look at it and feel happy. That would be very BORING.

You NEVER intended it that way.

Before we all came into these physical human bodies, we came with a powerful INTENTION…

  • To KNOW ourselves.

  • To experience WHO we really are.

  • To FEEL our LIGHT in the world.

  • To experience our DIVINITY.

LIGHT in LIGHT does not know itself.

A rock sitting as a single rock does not know it is a rock.

However when a rock sits by a stream, it knows it is NOT the stream.

It gains a greater conscious UNDERSTANDING of self.

And when a deer steps over the rock, it knows it is not the deer and so forth.

In the same way, LIGHT has no sense of itself, till it is immersed in the DARK.

We don’t develop the taste buds to KNOW our UNLIMITEDNESS, till we immerse ourselves in LIMITATION.

This is why from our soul perspective, we chose to enter this variety of LIGHT and DARK, of WANTED and UNWANTED, of problems and solutions… to KNOW who we are.

Rather than entering a perfect world and just reacting to it, we are called to enter a world full of variety and selectively CHOOSE the good we see in it.

And everyone gets to CHOOSE.

Everyone gets to look at the same soup mix of light and dark in the world and CHOOSE their INTERPRETATION of it.

If two people go for a job interview and both do not get it, one person can say, “I’m a failure,” while another may say, “Something greater must be intended for me.”

Same event… two different experiences.

One views the situation from their limited physical perspective, while the other taps into their higher self’s perspective, despite initial disappointment.

If someone is sending out a lot of hate, the receiver can get really upset, or tap into the view of their higher self, recognising that the person giving the hate is the one that owns it.

"That person hating mustn’t have much love for oneself. Maybe that person grew up without much love. I'm going to send loving energy to that person."

Divinity is experienced.

The darkness also gives birth to strong DESIRE, which is fuel for creating more.

When one experiences INJUSTICE, it causes a desire for JUSTICE.

When there is a NEED identified, something NEW gets created.

Whether that is an electric bulb, an aeroplane, Spanks, or an iPhone.

Those inventors are visionaries who don't see from their limited self, rather tap into what their UNLIMITED self sees.

Discovering your divinity is about learning to TUNE your own THINKING to match that of your higher self’s view of life.

It’s about what’s happening in your INNER world. The OUTSIDE world is just the bouncing off material for you to come to your own conclusions.

All events are NEUTRAL. You add the MEANING to it.

Then Law of Attraction begins to shift the reality you look at.

So remember...

The world will never be a perfect place.

It is up to you to SEE the perfection in it.

Many blessings from the Universe,

Anna xx

The world will never be a perfect place. It is up to you to see the perfection in it.


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