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What is the DIVINE URGE?

What is the divine urge within us to express?

Have you ever had the DESIRE to do something out of the blue ?

It could be to go to a place, to ring someone, to rearrange the furniture…

It could be a bolt of inspiration to create an artwork, music you want to write, poetry, or a new book, or act on a business idea.

It seems to come out of nowhere, but when it strikes, you know you just need to do it.

What is this?

It is the UNIVERSE seeking EXPRESSION through YOU.

Ernest Holmes calls it “The DIVINE URGE”.

It is the urge to CREATE and the DESIRE to EXPRESS.

Holmes says the Universe impregnates the soul with an IDEA.

The soul then goes on to clothe the idea in FLESH.

It is the coming forth of SOURCE ENERGY/THE UNIVERSE into expression.

He says that the DIVINE URGE is strong in humans. It constantly causes humans to seek self expression.

What’s even more interesting is the URGE creates ENERGY to carry out its purposes.

Have you experienced it?

Getting an inspired idea and being so excited about it that it seems you got an extra shot of energy you didn’t have before?

It is the same energy supplied to a seed which causes it to break open in the earth.

I remember when we moved into our new home, I was scrolling online for months looking for the right canvas print of Santorini to put up in our bedroom wall. I just couldn’t seem to find the right one.

Then one day I was moving some sticks which were to be used for another project and a vision flashed in my mind.

I quickly took out the saw.

Within 2 hours I had constructed a feature wall out of timber (molding) which came out of the blue and was definitely not in the radar of my original plan.

This is how SPIRIT works and moves. If you go with it.

I now understand not to resist and to TRUST flowing with it.

Source has gathered all the data of everything you have ever wanted and makes a suggestion when you are ready to listen.

It turned out way better than my original Santorini idea.

That’s the thing with Source, it comes up with the BEST ideas.


Don’t shut it down as ridiculous.

Holmes says when we block and suppress the self expression, it starts the process of DISEASE in our body.

I remember one year listening to Louise Hay’s online summit. One of the speakers was a doctor and she worked at this hospital that confounded her.

Patients were very ill and she didn’t understand why.

They were doing all the right things to be healthy, eating organic food, exercising, etc…

She came up with an idea to do a questionnaire.

She asked them, “If this disease is telling you something, what is it saying?”

They came up with things like write that book they always wanted.

When she encouraged them to carry out those actions, their bodies began to heal.

They were no longer blocking the divine urge moving within them.

The SAME divine urge flows through YOU.

In fact, there is something it wants to express through you, which NO ONE else in the world can do.

The Universe has a far more fun, adventurous route for your life. So trust these little suggestions that come from within you.

Don’t smother, suppress, or say ‘I’ll do it later’.

The Universe will supply the ENERGY and the means.

Your job is to let it freely FLOW through you.

What is the DIVINE URGE in you?


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