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TUNE into the GREATER you which already exists.

Tune into the GREATER you

Allow yourself to TUNE into the GREATER you.

Do you remember watching TV in the 80s or earlier?

If you didn't grow up in this era, there was an antenna which sat on the top of the box television.

Often the image wasn’t clear, so someone had to move the antenna around while another watched the screen giving instructions…

“To the left… No more to the right… Move it back… Move it forward… That’s it! Don’t move! Don't move!”

All of this to get a clear image.

It was a TUNING ritual.

No one cursed the signal saying, “The broadcasters didn't put out a signal today for my favourite show… Curse you!”

No one said, “It’s all a lie. It doesn’t exist.”

We all knew the broadcast was there and this was a TUNING issue.

The Universe is listening. It has heard everyone's requests and created solutions.

However, only a FEW will allow it in... because antennas are often all over the place.

Through life's problems we launch new and improved versions of our life and it sits in our own vibrational warehouse.

Much like our favourite show, it exists out there in vibration. It exists in ENERGY form.

However to allow it manifest into physical form, we must be tuned into the FREQUENCY of it, or be vibrating at a higher frequency (get happy).

If we don’t tune, we receive a messed up broken picture.

Then we say, "Hey Universe... when's it my turn? I'm tired of this. Why aren't you giving me a clear picture. Just give me what I want... I've been waiting forever!"

When we don’t take time to use our imagination to tune into what's in our warehouse, we give more attention to REALITY - the messed up picture. We grow in worry, fear, doubt.

It feels hopeless and we say things like, “Forget it. It doesn’t exist! It’s a lie.”

It’s why Abraham says the most productive thing you can do is spend 15 mins a day imagining the life you want - TUNING.

Bashar says IMAGINATION is what allows us to portal into a parallel reality with a pathway to a different outcome.

Whether it is visualising, saying affirmations, reading books, or simply doing something that feels good - all these processes are for one thing... TUNING vibration upward.

As we feel better, we receive ideas and a clearer vision of the next step.

Take the inspired actions.

“If you have a vision in your mind’s eye of you in your IDEAL reality and if you watch closely how that version of you behaves, all you have to do is behave as she [he, they] would behave in every given situation. Then you would have her [his, their] life.

That’s what your imagination is for. It is the portal to your higher mind so it can give you ideas that represent that state of being.” - Bashar.

“Your BEHAVIOUR must MATCH who you say you are.” - Bashar.

TUNE your behaviour to match your dream.

  • If that version is a genius, go read a book or listen to a podcast that matches.

  • If that version is a successful entrepreneur, find out what habits they have and dress like you already succeeded.

  • If that version is fit and healthy, take a step that matches what that person would do.

  • If that person has a beautiful house or car, go to open homes or test drive the car.

  • Go vibrational shopping - it does not cost you anything.

Abundance exists… however it is not handed to you on a platter.

It is in the ethers.

The question is are you TUNED into it?


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