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This simple step will CHANGE your point of ATTRACTION.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Looking at unwanted things is the start of disease. Looking at wanted things is the start of ease.

Looking at UNWANTED things is the start of DIS-EASE.

I get it. When we get up in the morning, it is so much easier to remember and point out the things we don’t like.

“I didn’t like what you said to me that time.”

“Remember how annoying this was.”

“What was she thinking when she wore that?”

“Those rich people have robbed from me.”

“The government are hopeless.”

“Hope I don’t run into major traffic.”

“I hate all this rain.“

Even if it is TRUE… our inner being is NEVER focused that way.

So when we deviate from the perspective of our inner being, we close the valve to all the life giving ENERGY flowing our way.

We begin the BLOCKAGE of energy. The first sign of this blockage is NEGATIVE EMOTION. It will be slight at first, then steadily increase as we continue to focus on unwanted. This is the first sign of DIS-EASE. Nothing has gone wrong. Our negative emotions are just communicating to us, “Hey, shift your thinking… come back to alignment with your Source.”

If left long enough, our body attempts to communicate to us further through DISEASE.

So what do we do?

Remember that all particles in the Universe have both 50% positive aspects and 50% negative aspects.

We must find the good (WANTED) in what we are looking at. If we can’t find it easily, pick another topic which is easier to look at.

“What a beautiful morning. I like the parks in this area.” “Remember the kindness of that person serving me coffee?”

“I like smooth roads.”

“It feels so good when the sun is out.”

“It’s nice to have infrastructure, parks, etc… which the government have implemented.”

“My life is already rich because…”

“I like the outfit that person is wearing.” Notice I didn’t try to undo my previous statements. I didn’t say the government are 100% awesome! I wouldn’t believe it.

I just looked at the pool of thoughts around that topic and selectively picked the thought that FEELS BETTER (wanted).

As we begin to tune more into what we want (even if it is focused on another topic), we open the valve again and allow ENERGY to flow once more.

Abraham Hicks suggests we TRAIN our VIBRATION UPWARD by having a “Positive Aspects” book.

Simply list 5 topics a day and write all the positive aspects we can think of.

It forms a NEW HABIT which overrides our past habit of automatically tuning into UNWANTED things.

As we do this, we attract MORE evidence of WELL BEING into our lives.

We will still experience contrast (problems/challenges). However we reduce the roller coaster of drama in our lives. The world cannot change till our perception changes, because life is the mirror reflection of our deepest thoughts.

Do this and watch what happens.


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