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There's ALWAYS a GREATER version of your life.

There's always a greater version of your life

Do you know if you didn’t keep launching a NEW improvement in your life, you'd never feel any negative feelings?

It's not the “bad” things that are happening out there in the world which makes you feel bad.

It is the NEW LIFE which the “bad” things LAUNCHED which causes the uneasiness.

Every time you experience a problem, you automatically launch a new DESIRE which the Universe always answers.

Your life is constantly vibrationally UPGRADED to a new version every time you have a problem.

It sits in the quantum field of possibility. There are MANY versions of your life existing right now in vibration.





It sits in the vibrational warehouse till you are ready to let it in.

Every time a new version is launched, your inner being joins it.

It fixes it’s eyes firmly on the newest version of your life. It is solution orientated.

So while you are still over here panicking and worrying and freaking out about the problem, your inner being is over there at version 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, etc… calling you to look that way.

It is this DISTANCE between what you see and what your inner being sees that makes you feel bad.

Vibrational Distance = Negative Emotion

The longer you look at what IS, the greater the pain.

The more you LAUNCH without joining it, the greater greater amount of pain.

There is a smaller gap between YOU 1.0 and YOU 2.0 which equals small pain.

But if you launched YOU 5.0 and are still hanging around YOU 1.0, whoah so much PAIN!

Since your inner being stubbornly refuses to join you, you have no other choice but to join it if you want to feel good.

The moment you start to look that way, the feelings ill begin to subside. There will be incremental amounts of relief.

So how to join it?

Abraham teaches a process called PIVOTING.

Every time you experience something you don’t want, say “I know what I don’t want, what is it that I DO want?”

  • Describe it.

  • FEEL it. Imagine it.

  • FEEL what is like to live it.

  • Talk to yourself about why it would be good to experience that.

  • ENJOY it.

Without you realising it, your vibration has come closer to the new version.

Do not ask how it will happen as that will bring you back to 1.0.

“Yeah but it hasn’t shifted my reality Anna.”

Shifting your vibration will begin the process of attracting all the cooperative components, ideas, people, opportunities for the new version to kick in.

You have the choice to stay standing at 1.0 or to use the contrast as a launching pad to face the direction of 5.0.

It is the first step in ALLOWING all your good in.


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