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There's ALWAYS a greater version of you.

There is always a GREATER version of you.

How do you handle adversity?

I don’t know anyone who likes adversity, or problems.

It's our automatic reaction to think problems are bad and shouldn’t be happening.

However, from our inner being’s perspective, we knew this physical arena would be filled with contrast, or problems.

From a soul perspective we knew the VALUE of it - that it would cause us to RISE.

A few days ago I noticed a thought which troubled me.

Something had not worked out twice and we were going for our third attempt, so I had a bit of trepidation if it would work out.

Then the Universe flashed an image in my mind of our garden.

You see, since we moved into our new home, we had not touched our front garden.

Plants were overgrown and unkept.

Some had all these dead brown branches.

So I cut the plants back really short. My hubby thought I hacked into them too much.

What surprised me was a few days later they rejuvenated to life.

They shot out GRANDER and GREENER than ever before reaching twice the height I cut them.

Some even burst into flowers.

They looked much more VIBRANT and HEALTHY.

Sometimes in life it looks like we are being CUT down when things are going wrong.

But each time this happens there is something wonderful in the INVISIBLE going on.

So much MORE is added into our vibrational warehouse as a result.

We become GRANDER than if we were never cut back at all.

There is a greater version of our life LAUNCHED in our warehouse.

The thing I was attempting the third time would be so much more fulfilling because I launched greater DESIRE for it.

Abraham says when we are sick we are our HEALTHIEST.

When we are poor we are our RICHEST.

When we are lacking in relationships we create GREATER relationships.

We become GREATER than who we were before the pruning happened.

If only we would turn TOWARD it.

We are too busy contemplating the pruning, how this person hurt us, how that situation caused us suffering.

We are too busy talking about every problem in our lives.

It's okay because our CREATION waits in our warehouse till we are ready to be a match to the better version of our lives.

So how do we allow it in?

When I experience a problem, I have trained myself to say, “There’s a solution to this.”

I noticed it resolves quickly.

I also say:

“There’s an opportunity in this.”

“This is making me greater.”

“What has been born in me as a result of this?”

This causes me to turn to the GRANDER version of me, instead of the problem.

Remember, every problem is one half of a wavelength.

The deeper the problem, the higher the RISE.

The good news is that problem is not for nothing.

It's launching and launching and launching ever greater versions of YOU.

Become that plant that shoots higher and blooms greater as a result of it.

Your attitude makes all the difference.

Many blessings

Anna xx


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