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Sometimes we fall so we can RISE HIGHER.

Sometimes we fall so we can rise HIGHER

Why do our manifestations fall through when we do everything right?

There are times when we mis-create.

Our energy is not a match to what we desire due to fear and worry, etc... so we manifest unwanted things.

But what about the times when we FEEL GOOD and do all the right steps and we STILL fail to manifest?

Let me share what recently happened to me.

Last week was an emotional journey.

My daughter and her friend talked all year about wanting to get Taylor Swift tickets.

They pulled apart the deepest meanings from every line from every song she has ever sang.

So of course, I told her to just visualise tickets - easy peasy.

I always manifest what I want, plus we manifested upgrades at her last concert, so I told her to expect them.

But you know what?

We didn’t.

We visualised. We sang and still NOTHING.

It was a type of lottery and many waited hours up to 6+ hours on multiple devices.

Twice I asked the Universe to allow us into the shopfront and out of the waiting lounge and within minutes we were allowed in.

We had two 'almost ticket' opportunities before being bumped off the site.

You can imagine our joy when we had 4 perfect tickets in our cart and our crash when and in the last step, the payment gateway wouldn’t work.

She bawled her eyes out for days.

WHY do these things happen when we do all the right steps to manifest?

Abraham says sometimes our higher selves chooses CONTRAST in order to launch GREATER DESIRE so we can go FURTHER.

It’s like pulling the elastic band back to sling shot forward.

Like a wavelength, the deeper the trough, the equally higher the crest waiting for us.

Sometimes our higher self wants an opportunity to show itself it can be happy unconditionally BEFORE conditions improve.

Yet, how do I explain this to a broken hearted 14 year old?

I took her to her favourite cafe and asked her if anything ever appeared bad in her life which turned out to be good?

She remembered her sadness losing a friend then soon gaining an even MORE special friend due to that.

I told her sometimes that is how the Universe works. I mean, look at Taylor Swift. She got criticised and she turned that into hits.

Nothing has meaning but the meaning we assign it.

It's not what happens to us which makes a great life, rather what we DO with what happens to us.

Like they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Seth says strength of character is not born out of a perfect life.

When we face these moments, it’s a fork in the road.

We can let it scar us, or we can say, “I don’t know WHY this happened… I don't yet know HOW... I DECLARE this is going to make me GREATER.”

Yes it’s painful at first, however this starts to change our course of events.

Energy is listening, ready to rearrange itself.

Looking back, my greatest sorrows led to my greatest EXPANSION.

  • My boyfriend I absolutely wanted to marry left me for another = I met my husband who was 100 times better.

  • Trauma in a religious cult = Discovering Abraham Hicks, finding my life calling and teaching it to the world.

  • Getting rejected on the home I wanted = Living with the funniest room mate having the time of my life.

  • Chronic sickness = Discovering Law of Attraction and the power of my imagination to heal.

Remember, great depression means our inner being has taken a great leap FORWARD and created a GRANDER version of our life and we are not keeping up with it.

Sometimes we fall so we can rise HIGHER.

Just be open to the idea that what has happened can only make you GREATER.


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