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Manifesting is REALITY JUMPING.

Manifesting is REALITY JUMPING

Are you struggling with MANIFESTING?

This will stretch your mind.

If you grasp it, it will free you from being stuck in your reality.

Do you know ALL possibilities exist in the NOW?

Infinite versions of your life already exist.

When you look at a chair, there isn't one version of that chair. There are INFINITE versions of the chair.

Imagine mirrors lined up on all sides of that chair and seeing versions reflected infinitely into the distance.

In the same way there are infinite versions of your life existing NOW in the quantum field.

  • Feeling overweight? There is a version of you with the ideal weight.

  • Struggling with money? There is a version of you with money flowing and finances in order.

  • Lacking confidence? There is a version of you with full confidence.

I remember listening to a lady telling the teacher Bashar about her difficulty in giving up smoking.

He said there was a version of her life existing where she never took up smoking to begin with.

She could tune into THAT version of her.


That's what I thought.

Even more fascinating, Bashar said that when you change your reality, you are not really changing your existing reality, rather you are tuning into another 'possibility' or parallel life in field and portalling into that reality.

He described it this way.

All possibilities exist in the NOW just like a huge range of movies or shows exist in the NOW on Netflix.

What you experience depends on which movie /show you choose to TUNE into.

If you tune into how everyone is emotionally hurting you, you will experience something of a K-Drama.

- If you tune into the disasters of the world, you will experience an apocalyptic movie.

- If you tune into the wonders and beauty of the world, you will experience the wonders.

- If you tune into fear, sickness and being vulnerable, you will experience being vulnerable.

- If you tune into well-being and vitality, you will experience well-being and vitality.

If you don’t like what you are experiencing, you have the CHOICE to withdraw your attention from that movie and start tuning into other possibilities in your mind.

This is why Bashar always says, no matter how bad your situation is, say out loud, “Circumstances don’t matter, only state of BEING matters.”

Your state of being is what allows you in a sense to 'portal' or ‘reality jump’.

Everything exists everywhere all at once (just like the movie).

MANIFESTING is jumping scenes.

What you FEEL gives you a pass to another reality.

Till your FEELINGS CHANGE (this depends on your thoughts chosen) you will remain in that reality/movie.

E.g. Feeling fearful will keep you in the horror movies, not the comedies.

This is why some people's lives never change. It is changing all the time to the same scene.

I was watching a documentary on Ralph Lauren. He grew up in a working class family the Bronx wearing largely hand me downs. He would escape to the world of the movies where he was captivated. He would fall into the fantasies of that era. He projected himself into those scenes.

His friend took him to a polo match one day where he got a glimpse of high society, the world of aristocracy. He wanted in on that world of wealth and fine living. Polo was a sport enjoyed by the rich.

So he chose that brand name because of the superior lifestyle it symbolised, even though it was far from reality and he never played polo. He felt the feelings of that luxurious reality till it became his reality.

He lived in that world in his mind, till he was transported into that movie in real life.

What movie are you tuned into?

What movie do you prefer to be in?

Who do you want to be?

No matter what your reality is, step into the shoes of this future YOU which is already here until you BECOME that person.

Do this as you walk, sleep, talk. BE that person that already exists in the field of potential.

When it feels more natural to be that person than who you are right now, watch your reality shift.

You will portal to an improved version of your life.

You have stepped into a new movie.

Many blessings

Anna xx


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