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Is WEALTH and POVERTY born in the MIND?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Is wealth and poverty born in the mind?

"I want to be wealthy, but no matter how hard I try, it's just not happening!" Sound familiar? This was pretty much me. I literally screamed poverty. When I was younger, I even gave away all my wealth and took a vow of poverty to become a missionary. When I decided poverty wasn't for me and I wanted to be rich, I then had a hard time making it. There was a lot of guilt. Why should I have more when others have less? Isn't it greedy? What if God gets mad? As I started to understand Universal laws, a lot of these thoughts changed and I noticed wealth starting to flow in. I realised wealth wasn't so much scrambling to do things out there in the outer world, rather a shift in thinking in the inner world, then following through in action from this shift of thoughts. “You cannot have wealth in your material world until you have first visualised the wealth in your mind… ” - Bob Proctor There is NO poverty… just a blocking of WEALTH. Just like there is NO source of darkness… just a blocking of LIGHT. There is NO sickness… just a blocking of HEALTH. It was Abraham Hicks who taught me this. What are we blocking it with? Just a THOUGHT not in harmony with our desire habitually practised. Law of Attraction sees where our attention is and ADDS to it. “Before any of us can even begin to overcome the poverty which surrounds us in our external world, we must first conquer the impoverishment that is buried deep within us.” - Bob Proctor, You Were Born Rich. What does this mean? There’s no point trying to build wealth on the outside if we haven’t tended to the vibration of our inner world which blocked the wealth to begin with. What are our automatic thoughts, habits, actions which arise around the topic of money? A good place to start is asking what were you taught about money growing up? I grew up where money was tight. I have images of my mum writing down a budget and counting all the receipts, counting every dollar. It meant I had a habit of counting every dollar too as an adult. I was at a cafe and the lady entered the amount to pay at the register and over charged by a dollar. I recognised my habitual reaction of 'Hey she ripped me off!' and interrupted the pattern within by asking myself, what would a rich person do? Well a rich person believes money is energy and it is abundant all around them, so they will not worry about one dollar and allow it to circulate because it will return. Another thing I remember growing up with is rations. There were lots of people to feed so we were given a set limited portion. I found myself subconsciously rationing meals hubby and daughter. I now interrupt this with ‘Eat as much as you want, because this Universe is abundant'. Little things like this chip away at the blocks to allow the light in. “There never is and there there never has been any lack of supply other than that which we have created for ourselves because of our own limited awareness.” - Bob Proctor Decide there is a rich version of you in this Universe. As you live your day, ask how this rich version of you thinks, walks, talks, dresses, approaches people? As you go about your day, notice any old habits that reinforce poverty. How can you tweak that? How would the rich you reply? Start interrupting that pattern. I'm not asking you to get into debt by buying the latest Chanel bag when you can't afford it yet. Rather, do the incremental shifts that are within your reach. Law of Attraction will steadily begin to increase this over time.


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