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Human EFFORT vs LEVERAGE from the Universe

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Do you rely on your human effort or the powers of the Universe?

There are two ways to CREATE.

1. You can rely on your mere human effort.


2. You can leverage the power of the Universe.

With the first, you will struggle really hard. This is the way most of us have been taught to achieve success.

There’s nothing wrong with this… it’s just that with all the struggle many experience burnout.

There is an EASIER way…. however most of the world would consider this lazy and ridiculous because it goes against the grain of ‘hard work’.

Remember we are ENERGY in this magnificent energy field and there is this POWERFUL LAW operating in the background called the Law of Attraction.

Each of us is like a receiving and broadcasting station, receiving vibrational signals and emitting vibrational signals.

When we think a thought, our brain releases a chemical into our body.

This produces a FEELING.

Depending on if it is FOR our desire or AGAINST our desire, we will experience a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE EMOTION.

This EMOTION is broadcast out of us through the electromagnetic field which surrounds us.

The Law of Attraction LISTENS to our FEELING and says “Yes I agree with you… here are MORE life experiences which will CONTINUE the FEELING you broadcast.

If you feel sad, here are more life experiences to feel sad about.

If you are afraid, here are more life experiences to feel afraid about.

If you feel happy, here are more life experiences to feel happy about."

Doesn’t it make sense then to TUNE the feeling we broadcast?

We tune it in two ways.

  • By the IMAGES we entertain in our imagination and

  • By the WORDS we tell ourselves.

Leveraging the Laws of the Universe means using both WORDS and IMAGES in the direction of our DESIRE. It is TAPPING into the FEELING of our end result so that all the forces of the Universe draw to us to the resources we need in a less arduous way.

Synchronicities will occur. We will meet the right people at the right time. Opportunities will open up.

Do you see the difference?

There will still be ACTION that needs to be taken, however it will be FUN and INSPIRED and we will feel in flow.

Abraham Hicks said that comparing the two approaches is like a human trying to create waves with his bare hands in the ocean, vs the entire force in the ocean creating a wave.

Human effort is measly compared to understanding and tapping into the laws of energy and riding that wave.

So before you take any action, take the time to line up the energy by IMAGINING the final outcome you want, FEELING how you want to feel and telling yourself WORDS which support that direction.

Your action will have much more impact because you will have the Universe supporting you.


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