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How to break the cycle of being STUCK.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

When you focus on reality, life remains the same. When you focus on your desire with expectation, life changes.

Do you ever feel like your life is Groundhog Day?

No matter what you do, life is just a REPEAT of the same old stuff.

This was my life and it frustrated the hell out of me!

I was trying really hard to make money and be successful but I was going nowhere fast.

I realised later, I was trying the WRONG way.

You see... There’s an INNER world.

There’s an OUTER world.

The OUTER world is the final GESTATION of THOUGHT.

It is the final crystallisation of what we have PREVIOUSLY thought with great emotion.

The INNER world is the birthing place of NEW THOUGHT.

When we FOCUS on WHAT IS (reality), we cannot create anything new in our lives.

Law of Attraction gives us MORE of what our attention is on - it is LAW.

For some reason we believe we are bound to reality, but we aren’t.

We are constantly creating something NEW in every single moment.

However, if our thoughts are on the same old things (lack, worry, fear) we recreate the same life.

Very few of us even know about this INNER WORLD, let alone take the time to enter it to shift our reality.

So how do we break the cycle of the same old life?

1. Be AWARE that this inside world (thoughts, feelings, desire) ATTRACTS the outer world.

2. Take the time to withdraw every day from the physical world of the senses. I do this in the morning and at night.

3. Close your eyes and go into the inner world. Listen to what your HEART truly DESIRES.

4. FIREUP the IMAGINATION by picturing a scene as though you are LIVING that REALITY. Use all your senses.

5. ENJOY this scene and soak up the vibes. FEEL the EMOTION and savour it.

The stronger the emotion, the stronger the magnet.

6. REPEAT a couple of times.

Abraham Hicks suggests doing this at least 15 minutes a day.

This IMPRESSES the subconscious mind.

Law of Attraction then draws IDEAS to you.

It INSPIRES you to ACTION. This is guided action from your inner being.

A sequence of events then follows which seems to FLOW EASILY.

When you don’t take time to do this, life is a struggle.

For example, 5 months ago we took on a new mortgage of a million dollars.

I dreaded being chained to a 30 yr mortgage, so I declared to the Universe a ridiculous AMBITIOUS desire.

I wrote, “Our mortgage is fully paid in 3 years or less,” with NO IDEA how.

Every day I imagined a red stamp being impressed “PAID IN FULL” over loan documents. I could hear the thud of the stamp, I could feel the exhilaration in my soul knowing it was all paid.

One day I received a text message from an agent interstate showing me recent sale prices of properties there. I have no idea how he got my mobile.

It never occurred to me to sell an investment property we had near there because values had been stagnant for so long. All the 'financial planners' and 'property experts' we had spoken to told us we would never make money on that property and it was a mistake investment.

Yet the agent’s report indicated Covid had caused a spike in property prices in that area.

Very quickly we listed our property. I asked my daughter to draw a picture of the outcome I wanted (to match my inner world).

I imagined the SOLD sticker being rolled out onto the sign.

It was under contract in a week, settled yesterday and the equity gain enabled us to pay off two thirds of our mortgage.

I did the remaining calculations and we could pay this off in 3 years!

IMAGINE IMAGINE IMAGINE. Even if you don't know HOW, the Universe can find a way.

"Yeah but Anna what if I don't have a spare property laying around?"

The Universe has multiple ways to make this happen. You cannot have a desire in this quantum field without an answer being provided.

You have nothing to lose in imagining - it costs you nothing.

Do it over time and see what happens.

Many blessings from the Universe,

Anna xx


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