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Got a problem? COMMAND it to work FOR you.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Find out how to make problems work for you, instead of against you
Got a Problem? Command it to work FOR you.

Sometimes we can feel so vulnerable to outside forces.

That person, the government, the officer, the partner, etc… determines my future.

But you are NOT a leaf blown about by the wind.

Stake your claim to your divinity.

You are not a mere creature - you are INFINITE INTELLIGENCE

I have many problems come into my life (which is normal in this life arena).

My first reaction is to freak out, “This is BAD!”

My second reaction is, “Wait a minute… unless it’s NOT.”

Fortunately it’s the second reaction that counts.

Nothing has meaning, except the meaning we assign to it.

Our perception defines what will unfold in our reality.

Energy is waiting for us to give a command.

W. Clement Stone used to point to everything (good and bad) that happened in his life and declare, “That’s good,” “That’s good,” “That’s good.”

He became one of the wealthiest men of his time.

That’s why after my initial reaction, then my pattern interrupt of, “Unless it’s NOT,” my next step is to declare to the Universe that it IS working for my good.

“I now declare this challenge is creating something even better for me. I can’t see it, but the Universe sees it coming.”

Other alternatives are:

“This is a BLESSING in disguise.”

“You don’t get the final say, I get the final say. This is working FOR me.”

“I will be greater because of this.”

“This Universe is ALWAYS looking after me.”

Give the command.

Instead of being a victim of circumstance, be a MASTER of your destiny.


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