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FREE yourself from other people's opinions - it's time to live YOUR life.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Free yourself from other people's opinions.

“Don’t take anything personally. It’s never about you… it’s always about them.”

I once heard Abraham Hicks say this.

When I was young, I was very sensitive.

If someone didn’t invite me to join in… I thought something must have been wrong with me.

If my artwork wasn’t selected at school… I thought I wasn’t good enough.

If someone was offended by me, or angry at me… I must have been very bad, or very wrong.

Where did this thinking come from?

This is all part of the warped-up limited conditioning we humans are programmed with.

You see, we live in a world of PERCEPTION.

Everything is NEUTRAL until we judge it to be good or bad.

Nothing has any meaning until we assign a meaning to it.

One person can judge a situation as bad,

while another person can judge the same situation as good.

When we were house hunting, I thought one property was way better, while my husband thought the same property was way worse.

We cannot control how somebody else thinks.

We cannot enter their mind and push the control buttons so that we can make them think a certain way.

It is their universal right to choose their own thoughts.

Now Abraham has said out of all the people on the planet, about 5% of people are in alignment most of the time.

This means most people are not in control of their thoughts! They are thinking about what they don't want.

For e.g., "I want money, but I am sooo BROKE!"

When we choose thoughts which contradict our desires, we are not tuned into the best of life.

We don't feel good... so we have nothing good to give.

So if a person doesn’t like you, doesn’t choose you, gives up on you, rejects you, makes fun of you, gets angry with you…

That is what THEY choose to tune into.

Their thoughts, feelings and actions about you have got to do with THEM…

It’s not about YOU... It's about what THEY are choosing to think and feel.

Know that their inner being (the universal part of them) has nothing but love for you.

When they are momentarily disconnected from their inner being, they cannot offer love to you.

Which is why I follow a tip from Bob Proctor. I bless 3 people who bother me every day.

If somebody is rude to me I also rewrite the scene in my imagination to how I want it.

It pre-paves a better experience in the future.

This is given me so much freedom and I wish it also for you.

Remember, your inner being sees nothing but PERFECTION in you. Your inner being looks at you like a loving parent looks at its child.

And THAT is the only opinion which counts in this universe.


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