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At the root of ALL limitation is lack of SELF-LOVE.

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

You are loved. At the root of all limitation is the lack of self love.

You are LOVED. Do you know at the root of all limitation is lack of self-appreciation? It is a lack of SELF-LOVE.

When we don’t know we are truly loved, we need to prove worthiness. When we don’t believe we are loved we are afraid to be alone.

When we don’t believe we are loved we desperately hold onto the good opinion of others to boost us up.

When we don’t believe we are loved, we are afraid to give things a go because we are afraid to fail. When we don’t believe the greater Universe adores us, we cut off the supply of life energy, attract evidence of lack and confirm our belief in limited supply. When we don’t believe we are loved, all the trophies in the world does not take away that emptiness at the end of the day. We can have a Hollywood star on Hollywood Boulevard and live in loneliness. When we don’t believe we are loveable, we don’t believe others are loveable, so we pass on the chain of pain.

A person wanting to invade and take over another country is just a scared little child who lacks the security love brings and therefore tries to find security in controlling people and circumstances.

However that person will never find that security because there will always be more to defend and invade. So how do we END this chain of pain? Sit very still and quiet your mind. There is the presence of a greater power loving you right now. It never stopped loving you.

You believed in it when you were a baby, however as you grew up and took in the limited beliefs from people around you, that signal dimmed through interference.

Take away that interference and you will feel it shine brightly again. The interference is negative self talk. However as you start to catch yourself and be kinder toward you, the light within you will shine brighter. Your inner being is undeviating in love and dependable unlike humans. To live a happy and full life you must keep drinking from this Source.

  1. Quiet your mind everyday to connect with this divine love.

  2. Begin noticing your self talk and adjusting it.

  3. I begin my adjustment with the words, “I’m open to the idea of…”

“I’m open to the idea of giving it a go.”

“I’m open to the idea that maybe I’m not so bad.”

“I’m open to the idea that maybe I am loveable.” “I’m open to the idea resources can come in all forms.”

“I’m open to the idea of being kinder to myself.”

These incremental shifts will INSPIRE action.

As you soften your self criticism and begin being kinder to you, you will feel the presence of this Universal love in you more and more each day.

Your relationships will improve because you will have love to give.

You will have the courage to pursue your dreams.

But most importantly, you will feel the joy of life which is what you intended coming here.


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