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Are you gripped in FEAR?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Are you gripped with fear?

I get it. Fear is something everyone experiences.

Fear is an interesting thing. During these COVID times it is quite rampant to feel vulnerable to outside forces.

We want to smooth this out as soon as we can because any strong emotion summons more energy and attracts.

Feeling strong JOY or FEAR is like a powerful magnet.

When we stay in fear, we attract the very thing we are afraid of.

We are saying, “Come to me, this thing I do not want.”

Let’s look at what fear is…

Fear is simply a symptom you experience when you disconnect from your powerful inner-being.

You disconnect from your powerful inner-being any time you think a thought that is not in agreement or in harmony with Source.

You can test this out.

“What if something bad happens to me?” = The feeling of FEAR.

What does your inner-being think?

“Your well-being is secure. It’s a done deal, absolute… despite appearances in reality.”

This disagreement between you and your inner-being causes a disconnect and the symptom is the feeling of FEAR.

The wonderful thing is that through incremental thoughts you can RECONNECT yourself back to Source.

“What if something good comes out of this? What if it is a blessing in disguise? When one door closes, another one opens.” = The feeling of RELIEF.

Notice the feeling of relief is not because the condition or reality around you has improved.

The feeling of relief comes from reconnecting yourself to Source.

When you reconnect, then you allow the Universe to step in and start giving you ideas for action.

The Universe is already arranging the solution. Your job is to be connected so you can receive the solution.

Remember what Abraham Hicks says:

“Fear only exists when you do not understand that you have the power to project thought and that the Universe will respond.”

Blessings from the Universe,

Anna xx


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