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Your playing SMALL does not serve the world.

Your playing small does not serve the world

Have you ever been told you are shining TOO bright? When I was younger I constantly received this message. “Make yourself small." "Be like a little worm so that you will be favoured by God." "Don’t shine too bright, or people will think you are a show off.” These kinds of words were drilled into me during my four years as a missionary in this fundamentalist organisation. It’s the reason why we did daily rounds of putting ourselves down. If I did not give reasons why I was a lowly worm, my sisters would do it for me. When I eventually ran away, I felt lost, confused and paralysed. Even though I had left, I carried those beliefs with me.

I did not want to shine so bright. I did not want to be too proud. God would not approve of me. So I was in limbo, kind of paralysed… banned from heaven, not knowing where to go. Yet this is how wonderful the Universe is. Even if you get lost, it REDIRECTS you. It shows you SIGNS. One day, my friend invited me to listen to a speaker. As he stood on the stage, he quoted Marianne Williamson’s words. I want to share them with you here because they are the most poignant, life transforming words:

Marianne Williamson's most life transforming quote. Read this every day.

― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"

If you ever felt, “What do I have to contribute?”

If you ever felt, “I better not be too successful, it will make others uncomfortable… I better stick to my place.”

If you ever felt, “There is nothing brilliant in me.”

READ this quote every day. Last night I got to see Marianne Williamson live in Sydney.

She reminded me of what that little quote did to shift my life to what it is now - a happy full abundant life. You are a LAMP, which the Universe wishes to shine its light through. Your lamp is different to others. It is uniquely YOU. Without connecting to electricity you would just be another dull lamp comparing yourself to others. What makes you beautiful is the LIGHT shining THROUGH you. It makes your lamp show up in the most incredible way. This light is IN you. It IS you. Take time in the morning to connect to it in silence. This is where your strength and brilliance emanates from. It is connecting to ETERNAL LOVE. It is connecting to ETERNAL POWER. It is connecting to the UNIVERSE. It is connecting to the REAL you. Do this and watch what happens.

Many blessings from the Universe,

Anna xx

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