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What if your backward step is a FORWARD step?

Your backward step is your FORWARD  step

“Sometimes I feel like my life is a mess. It doesn’t look like it’s working out.”

Do you relate?

I know I have felt that before.

However, as time would pass, I’d realise if that hadn’t happened, this wouldn’t have happened.

If that little slip up didn’t occur, I wouldn’t have gained this UNDERSTANDING.

If that backward step didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have FOCUSED.

If problems didn’t occur, I wouldn’t have launched a NEW DESIRE and created something NEW.

I wouldn’t have a NEW DESTINATION to move forward to.

It would be a very boring stagnant life.

There would be no EXPANSION in the Universe.

Each of these backward steps launches NEW creation and causes our inner being to move FORWARD.

Every successful person on the planet attributes their SUCCESS to their failures.

Life experiences lead to WISDOM.

There is NO loss, rather TRANSFORMATION of ENERGY.

I was walking up the hill last night pondering this and talking to my inner being.

“You knew all along didn’t you? You knew it was working out even when from my perspective I thought it was all going wrong.”

And the Universe showed me an image in my mind.

It was an impressionist painting - for example, Monet.

Up close an impressionist painting looks like a big old mess. There are no refined brush strokes or blending.

It's dabs of paint that don’t seem to make any sense.

However when you step back… WOW it all makes sense seeing the bigger picture.

The play of light and dark…

The positioning of colours against colours…

The textured paint strokes…

It all comes together into a beautiful image.

Our inner being sees our life from the artist’s grand point of view.

Whilst our limited physical selves see from the paint brush tip.

We all have these two points of view.

Our aim is to zoom out and match the grander view our inner being has of ourselves as much as we can.

Then we can stop beating ourselves up.

We can be kinder to ourselves and we can enjoy this life.

That’s what we came for… JOY, FREEDOM and EXPANSION.

So remember, there is no going backwards, rather launching forwards.

You are on track. Join it.

Many blessings

Anna xx


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