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There is only ONE POWER not TWO.

There is only ONE power not two powers

Do you give power to more than ONE source?

Often we give power to many false gods.

"What do you mean Anna? I don't worship anything evil."

False gods are not things like evil spirits, or villains etc…

The false gods are things like:

  • Our mistakes.

  • Circumstances.

  • Our past.

  • Our lack of ability.

  • The lack of money in our bank account.

  • What the news says.

  • What others think and say about me.

  • Our limited situation.

  • Reality.

  • It’s never been done before.

YES we give power to these.

We bow down to them, say “Yes you may command my life” and let them dictate our lives.

How many times have you backed out of something you really wanted to do because, 'What will people think of me?'

How many times have you stopped yourself because of what the market says, or because of a mistake you made in the past and so forth?

When you do this, you give power to another master.

However, you CANNOT be a SLAVE to two masters.

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.”- Matthew 6:24

You cannot believe in abundance and believe in doomsday predictions at the same time.

You cannot become unlimited and believe in limits.

You cannot believe in BOTH powers.

You must CHOOSE ONE.

So how do you shift this?

All CHANGE must be done at the consciousness level.

The best change is incrementally because it is more vibrationally steady.

You have given power to these for years so it is not going to shift overnight.

However you can begin the process now.

1. START your day in power.

I do this through 15 minutes of meditation. There are many ways to do this. I quiet the mind and connect to a feeling of a loving light passing through me coming from the Universe. This reminds me of WHO I REALLY AM - an infinite being.

2. NOTICE when a FALSE idol comes up.

This is easy as it is the moment you feel worry or fear or anything that makes your chest contract.

E.g. "I can't afford that."

"I'm too old."

"I don't have the skills."

3. INTERRUPT it with a NEW suggestion.

You can do this in the moment.

E.g. "I'm open to the idea that the Universe has a way of bringing it to me."

"There are older people doing extraordinary things in the world. It's not about age. It's about energy flowing through me."

"I don't have the skills YET. I can learn. Everyone starts from where I am standing."

Another option is to give instruction to your subsconscious mind just after meditation with your eyes closed (while the mind is still).

- I like to have a loving ‘talk’ to my mind just like parents giving guidance to a child. I say things like, “I know up till now you've been telling this story. I know you have the habit of saying this is really bad, but from now on things are going to be different. This is how I want it to be. The Universe is on my side. Even if I don’t know how, I choose to know that the Universe knows how.

It can create out of the infinite possibilities. Just like the ocean, there is a never ending supply. There is unlimited potential energy all around me waiting to be formed, so as long as I an THINK THOUGHTS, I have the ability to create something NEW.”

This sets the tone for the day.

Then as the day progresses In the moment - when you catch that yucky feeling, STOP and ask yourself what you were thinking?

It is usually a limited thought like, “Interest rate hikes - how will I survive?”

Say, “Thank you for sharing, I CHOOSE another.”

“This may be other people’s experiences, however I choose another experience.”

“I’m open to the idea that the Universe is looking after me.”

“There is a solution to this sitting in my vibrational warehouse.”

Do you see how you are taking the power away from the false God and allocating it to your REAL power - the UNIVERSE?

Keep doing this when an uncomfortable feeling comes up,

Don’t ignore it because it will continue to run your life.

These incremental shifts will change your frequency and you will start to receive ideas that guide you to the solution.

As you hand over more power to the TRUE power in your life, you will feel more ease and joy in life and witness more changes in your physical life.


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