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The Universe is IN you.

The Universe is not outside of you but is IN you.

What's your image of the Universe?

When I was younger, I used to think God or the Universe was someone outside us. You know... an old guy sitting on a cloud handing down some rules and if we broke them we were in trouble - kind of like a school principal.

Now I realise that God / the Universe is not OUTSIDE us, it is IN US. It is actually our TRUE selves.

Yes, we are mini-Gods. The greater Universe wanted to EXPERIENCE itself, so it made mini - versions of itself (us).

It did this so we can all go on individual journeys, have experiences on earth and shine this light in the world.

When we finish this journey we bring back all the wonderful experiences (the emotions, the invisible stuff).

We bring it back to the greater Universe and the Universe expands and is enriched just because we were willing to take this journey.

The uncovering of this Universal God-self is the reason why we came into this physical journey.

Here is how it works.

We are unlimited Universal beings (SPIRIT).

It would be boring and stagnant to stay that way.

So we decide to team up with a physical body.

For a moment, we allow ourselves to enter the DARKNESS.

We allow ourselves to be brainwashed into believing LIMITATION.

Then the adventure begins of shedding that limitation and uncovering that we are REALLY UNLIMITED.

This is the 'Game of LIFE'.

It's that saying:

'God became man, so that man could become God'.

The Universe (all expansive loving infinite intelligence) became MAN (full of limitations), so it could uncover and reveal itself to be the Universe.

This is US. This is our journey.

Abraham Hicks calls this unlimited part our INNER-BEING.

  • It calls us to a greater life.

  • It whispers in our soul.

  • It sees the impossible achieved in us.

  • It flashes visions to our heart and mind.

  • It believes, loves and encourages us.

  • It cheers us on.

Every time we go into prayer or meditation, we touch this unlimited God-self.

We merge with it.

We see the world with different eyes.

This is why Abraham says to RETREAT from the physical world and meditate 15-20 mins a day to connect to this self.

Observe reality LESS and IMAGINE more.

In fact this is where our SUPER POWER lies...

Not in our talents, intelligence or skills.

It lies in our connection /merging with this UNIVERSAL-SELF - who we REALLY are.

In fact, all the problems in the world are caused by one thing only - DISCONNECTION from this UNIVERSAL-SELF.

It's from not knowing who we really are.

When we don’t awaken this part of us we sit in the DARKNESS.

  • We fear, we hate.

  • We believe in scarcity.

  • We fight for resources.

  • We fend for ourselves.

Only HURT people HURT people.

The greatest service you can do for the world is to CONNECT to your UNIVERSAL SELF.

When you do you SHINE and allow the greatest version of you to come through.

  • You share with those in need.

  • You don’t live guarded.

  • You don't take, you give.

  • You go for your dreams.

  • You create solutions.

  • You live fulfilled.

So next time you question who you really are, remember YOU are the UNIVERSE expressing itself through you.


Many blessings from the Universe,

Anna xx


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