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The Meaning of Life is to Give It Meaning.

Updated: May 3, 2023

"The Meaning of Life is to give it Meaning." - Bashar

Do you know all things in life are neutral?

You’re the one who gives it meaning.

Yesterday, I had a very close situation. Fortunately it turned out well.

Decades ago, if the same thing happened I would have freaked out with anxiety, mulled over it and given it a negative meaning.

I’d have said, “This is a sign that bad things can happen in the future,” or “I’m no good,” etc…

Instead, I turned to my daughter and said, “These things EMPOWER you.”

You see… nothing has meaning but the meaning you assign to it.

Everything in life is a prop in a play.

I now assign better meanings to all my “props” and “story plots”.

Neville Goddard taught you are the writer, the producer, the director and the actor in your own story.

You might as well make it epic.

When something happens to me that is disempowering, I dig deep and declare to the Universe that this is making me greater than if it never happened.

I imagine there is a plot twist in my movie which unfolds to something powerful. No one else writes my story.

This is a crucial turning point because it dictates what unfolds in your future.

I remember getting this big massive tax bill. Since I had a goal to accelerate payments on a mortgage loan, this news deflated me… for a moment.

Needing fresh air I walked along the river.

I sat there thinking about this bill when suddenly I saw a fish jump and do a flip so high out of the water. Shortly after another fish jumped.

I said to the fish, “Are we looking at the same life? You’re seeing something I don’t see. You’re leaping for joy.”

Then I noticed the river - the unending stream that never runs out connected to the grand ocean. ENERGY never runs out.

That’s when I declared it would empower me and it did.

Bashar does an exercise of drawing a dot on a paper on both sides and rotating it. To one person it looks like it is turning right. To Bashar it is turning left from the other side.

Life can look like it’s turning wrong but your inner being sees it’s turning right. All you need to do is look at it from the other side - your inner being’s side.

Ask the Universe, "What is it that you see?"

It will always see the best of your life.

It will always see expansion unfolding.

Since your life experience is purely PERCEPTION, ask how the Universe sees your life.

Will you join its perspective?


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