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Stop BLOCKING your creation.

Stop BLOCKING your creation

“Anna - I want to manifest this…”

But what does it mean to MANIFEST?

When it comes to manifesting, you are NOT creating something.

It has ALREADY been created.

Let me say it again.


That was the Universe’s job.

The moment you asked, the Universe created a vibrational UPGRADE of your life and it sits in your vibrational warehouse.

  • Your NEW improved body.

  • Your NEW improved relationship.

  • Your GREATER health.

  • Your GREATER career.

  • The money which you asked for.

And so forth.

In fact, you cannot have a desire without it existing somewhere in the universe.

If it has already been created and it is sitting in your vibrational warehouses, then what is your ROLE in manifesting?

To ALLOW it in.

To OPEN the door.

To allow all the wonderful things piled up on the other side of the door THROUGH the door.

To allow your vibrational baby to gestate into full physical form by not blocking it with your thoughts.

Many people are asking.

Many people have created in their warehouse.

But so few people LET IT IN.

Then they blame everyone else in the world for the blocking of their creation, instead of their own THOUGHTS.

“How do I let it in?”

It will naturally come to you if you do not BLOCK it with a contradictory thought to your desire.

For example,

  • “When will it come?” contradicts because it indicates it is not here.

  • “I feel jealous,” contradicts because it negates what’s in your warehouse.

  • “I’ll never find another true love,” contradicts the new relationship you created.

  • “Someone else got there before me,” contradicts because it indicates limited supply.

So how do you know if you’re activating a contradictory thought?”

By the way you FEEL.

When you feel GOOD, you are in the process of ALLOWING your creation through the door.

When you feel BAD, you are in the process of BLOCKING it.

“But Anna it’s so hard to feel good when I haven’t got what I want yet.”

Feeling good is a CHOICE.

You must TUNE into the positive aspects of your life, even if it one out of 100 things going on right now.

You must find a way to look at the bigger picture to find some satisfaction in your life.

You can even completely make it up in your IMAGINATION!

The Law of Attraction doesn’t care whether your vibrational signal emanates from observing reality or making up an ideal reality in imagination.

If what you make up feels good, you’re on track.

In terms of the laws of the universe, FEELING GOOD (feeling the best you can reach for from where you stand), is MORE IMPORTANT than anything else in your life….

Because the Law of Attraction responds to your feelings and brings you MORE of what you have going on.

It doesn’t mean being super happy all the time.

It just means incrementally feeling better than where you stand.

As Abraham Hicks says:


The BETTER you feel, the MORE you are ALLOWING your alignment with the things you DESIRE.”

The better you feel, the more you OPEN that door to allow your creation through.

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