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Have you CLEANED up your MONEY beliefs?

Have you cleaned up your money beliefs?

"How dare they take my money!” Have you ever felt robbed of your share of money? I have.

When I first heard that we create our own reality I said, "Surely I did not choose to be poor, or robbed!"

Whilst we don't consciously choose this, any NEGATIVE association with the topic of money is enough to BLOCK it.

Remember that the outside world is a HOLOGRAPHIC REFLECTION of an active VIBRATION within us which we are usually not conscious of.

Rather than getting angry at the mirror reflection, take a deep breath.

It’s an opportunity to tidy up an OUTDATED belief within which was planted long ago.

Money itself is as neutral as a slice of pizza, however we have loaded it with so much negative meaning.

If you don't have the money you want, it is likely you grew up with some feelings of unworthiness, not enough-ness, or negative associations with having plenty.

You may feel discomfort with supply because scarcity is more familiar.

These carry into your adult life if not updated.

Life gives you the reflection of your deepest beliefs so you can become AWARE and choose BETTER beliefs.

Bashar says if you grew up being taught that:


and at the same time


Do you see the contradiction?

You will energetically block money to avoid being greedy.

It can manifest as someone taking your money away.

I remember growing up seeing my mum calculating bills, looking at a bunch of receipts, writing numbers on a notebook and looking stressed.

From that moment I associated money with being a burden and causing other people pain.

I also heard my mum say, "If you receive a lot you are SPOILED."

I didn't want to be a bratty spoilt child, so I believed struggling without was more noble.

This translated into my adult life into taking a vow of poverty as a missionary.

Ask yourself what MEANING have you attached to money?

If you feel uncomfortable around the topic it is likely you attached a negative belief to it long ago.

For example:

  • Look at those corrupted people using money.

  • Look how they manipulate with it.

  • Look at the arguments over money.

  • I don’t want to be like them.

These negative beliefs will continue to push money away in your adult life.

Ask yourself what were you TAUGHT about money and write it down.

For example:

  • "There's a limited supply."

  • "There's never enough."

  • "Money doesn't grow on trees."

  • "You need to suffer to make money."

  • "It's not spiritual."

Then in a separate column write down what you CHOOSE to believe about it.

It’s time to iron out those wrinkles.

  • “It is safe for me to have money.”

  • “Money allows me to express fully who I really am.”

  • “Money can be used for good in the world.”

  • “Money is energy and energy does not run out.”

  • “I now release every negative association with money from my childhood.”

This will begin to heal your relationship with the topic and start to shift your ATTRACTION point.

Awareness weakens the limiting beliefs' grip on you.

As you go about life and notice when these feelings come up, you now have the opportunity to override the belief.

The more you keep replacing these negative associations with EMPOWERING ones, the more the mirror reflection changes.

Remember, you DESERVE all the good things in life too!

Many blessings

Anna xx


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