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Feeling STUCK? You may have SPLIT energy.

Do you feel Stuck? You have split energy.

Do you have SPLIT energy?

Are you tuned into two DIFFERENT frequencies?

"I don't know. How am I supposed to know Anna?"

Let me expand on this.

I once spoke with a young man who expressed his conundrum.

His heart and soul wanted 'A'. But he felt bad about leaving behind 'B' if he followed 'A'.

So he was stuck in LIMBO not moving anywhere.

I see this often.

“I want to go back to work, BUT I feel guilty leaving my baby with daycare.”

“I want to pursue this dream, BUT what will happen to those who depend on me?”

“I want to do this BUT it will upset them.”

“I want to travel the world, BUT I don’t have the finances.”

“I want to meet someone but all the good ones are taken.”

“I’d love to do this, but what will people think of me?”

ALL of this is SPLIT energy.

Split energy is when we are tuned into two different frequencies (two energies), often CONTRADICTING each other.

It's when we have a DESIRE in one direction and an activated THOUGHT in the opposite direction.

When we are in this place we don’t have clarity.

We emanate a MIXED signal and so we receive mixed signals.

It’s like tuning our radio dial in-between two different radio stations and getting a bit of this signal and a bit of that signal, a lot of fuzz and no clear message.

Abraham Hicks would say “Pick one and line up with it.”

Tune your dial to ONE of the stations.

I told the young man, "Pick A and tell the best feeling story to yourself about it. Tell yourself this situation is temporary, what the positive aspects about it are…. and how the current situation helps you prepare for your future dreams."

Then I said, "Or pick B and tell the best feeling story to yourself about it. Tell yourself this is an adventure and the Universe has a way to look after those you leave behind. Tell yourself you were created to expand and follow the calling of your inner-being and this is exhilarating."

It is not one or the other that is causing the suffering. It is the split energy between BOTH which causes the suffering.

So, are you stuck between A or B?

Tell the best feeling story about both sides, then pick which side calls you more, inspires you, or is more fun and stick to that radio station.

The Universe will flow the energy your direction and assist you.

It can work good into all your options because every scenario has the potential for good.

It’s just some paths are more fun than others.

It is only split energy (indecision) which blocks the well being flowing to you, so once you line yourself up in one direction you ALLOW the Universe to flow to you.

Do this and watch what happens.

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