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Does the Universe control you, or do YOU control the universe?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Is there a UNIVERSAL BEING out there controlling your life, or are YOU the Universe?

When I was younger, my understanding of the universe we live in was like this…

There was a mighty God sitting on a throne up in the heavens while us little people lived below.

This God demanded we follow rules and would keep score of whether we were being good or bad in this life.

Once this life was over, we got our heavenly reward, or terrible punishment.

Thankfully, I expanded my limited frightening understanding of the universe.

The universe is more like this…

We live in a field of UNLIMITED POTENTIALITY.

It is a sea of powerful ENERGY ready to take FORM into anything we would like.

It is much like CLAY available for the sculptor.

Rather than an external God ruling over us, the Universe intended that we be the mini-Gods.

It created us as complete individuations of INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, with MINDS that can THINK things into FORM.

The Universe supplies the raw ENERGY.

The Universe creates us with MINDS to interact with this energy.

The Universe gives us COMPLETE FREEDOM to turn this energy into whatever we want by our thoughts.

It is the interaction of UNLIMITED POTENTIAL ENERGY and our GOD MINDS which creates life as we know it.

But here’s the thing… we don’t know we are mini-gods.

We don’t know we are powerfully shaping this stuff.

So we think about UNWANTED things - worries, fears, loss, pain, problems - thereby recreating MORE of it.

If we only took our ATTENTION OFF the problem and turned it more toward the desires it LAUNCHED, we would be facing the right direction.

Even if we don’t see the solution yet, looking within and recognising the DESIRE, WISDOM or CLARITY that grew from the unwanted, enables us to begin a journey to a greater destination.

Staring at a problem out there just keeps us STUCK.

Looking WITHIN us to see what it launched, gives us a new DESTINATION to move to.

We now have CLARITY about what we want to create.

The Universe begins to shape energy toward the NEW creation in our mind.

“Keep your mind on a higher image, rather than a lower concern.” - Philip Nacola

And watch what happens…

Does the Universe control you, or do you control the universe?


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