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Do things go wrong, so things can go right?

Do things go wrong so things can go right?

We've all been through it. We plan for something to go right and it goes terribly wrong.

We sit there wondering, how the hell did this get so F***** up?

Today, I was listening to Abraham talking to a gentleman regarding a ski collision.

Their dialogue gave me a small nugget of understanding.

He asked, ‘Did I go through that accident to keep me SAFE from something WORSE happening?’

Abraham answered,

“That’s always the case… Your inner being is always guiding you through your PATH of LEAST resistance.”

Abraham went on to say, if there was no resistance (no contradictory thoughts to your desires) then what you want easily FLOWS to you.

The guidance would be easy and straightforward.

However when you do have resistance, your inner being STILL chooses to GUIDE you.

It works with you even on the bumpy path.

Let me break this down.

When you DESIRE something and you entertain no contradictory thoughts to the direction of your desire (no doubt, fear, worry, etc…) the Law of Attraction can easily match you to what you WANT. It FLOWS easily into your life.

But if you have RESISTANCE, e.g. doubt, or fear… the Law of Attraction matches you up with an experience equivalent to the VIBRATION of doubt, or fear…

More obstacles may come up.

You may deviate from the direct, easy path of receiving.


It guides you on the path of most allowing to your desire.

Just like a car’s satellite navigation system detects a deviation from the main route and recalculates a new route, your INNER BEING doesn’t abandon you during a wrong turn.

It re-calculates a route even with the detour caused by your resistant thoughts.

For e.g. I LOVE travelling.

Due to the pandemic many of our big overseas trips were cancelled. We had a teeny tiny trip to Tasmania left, which I really looked forward to.

Yet days before the trip, my anxiety grew because the year before we planned the same trip and the state shut its borders days before our trip! This trip was 2 years in the making.

So of course, days before flying hubby got Covid and we had to cancel the trip. Waaahhh!

Usually I move to plan B, however we had to isolate during Christmas so there was no holiday plan B. I turned to the sky and said "WHYYYYYYYYYY?"

Eventually, I got myself together and realised this was NOT the biggest problem in the world.

Everyone gave us a refund or credit... even the airline. Many hotels said I contacted them just in time within the 3 day refund period.

At the time, Tasmania had a rule that every passenger needed a negative PCR test no sooner than 72 hrs of arrival to enter the state border.

Due to an influx of crowds, PCR test results took up to 6-7 days. People waited at airports hoping their phones would ping with a result so they could fly. Plenty of people missed flights.

I realise hubby getting sick four days beforehand was a blessing as we could get refunds and re-book.

If we waited at the airport with no PCR result we wouldn’t get refunds from the hotels and airline.

As for my love of travel, this 'setback' caused several trips more to be booked. I got to see Tasmania and it was splendid!

No matter where you are standing, your INNER-BEING is guiding you.

Even if you think you took a wrong turn…

Even if things look bad...

Even if it looks like you made a mistake, or you were hard done by...

Your inner being has RECALCULATED the route…

The destination is still your HEART'S DESIRE.

It just might come through a different route than you planned.

LISTEN to the quiet voice within and follow your inner guidance.

Source will always call you toward a feeling relief and expansion.

It will never ask you to diminish life for yourself or others.

That’s how you know.

Follow your INTUITION. Follow your FEELINGS.

It is your direct communication system from Source.

Do this and watch what happens.


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