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LEVERAGE the POWER of the Universe in 2023

Are you leveraging the power of the Universe?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2023.

Let's intend it will be the BEST year of our lives.


"What that Anna?'

Let me explain through this metaphor.

I was watching a property seminar last night.

It was about a guy who started from humble beginnings and how he struggled in the rat race trying to get ahead financially.

He worked so hard with little income and finally reached a cap to his salary.

Then he turned to investing and bought a property with his hard earned cash, only to find it was a dud and he had to sell it for a loss.

He was inexperienced, angry, frustrated and felt ripped off from the Universe.

Years later he met a lady who understood the power of LEVERAGE. She pulled up on google the same property which he quickly gave up on

The next owner took the house, flipped it, held onto it and after 9 years sold it for 5 times the price.

It was the same property in both of their hands.

One man understood LEVERAGE.

The other man did not.

One man knew about strategies and had vision.

The other relied on mere effort.

One man struggled to pay everything himself and in that struggle attracted a very dodgy tenant.

The other man understood how to leverage the bank, depreciation, etc…

The man who prospered knew something which the other man did not.

Sometimes this is US.

The BANK of the UNIVERSE is an unlimited supply of energy (without any interest charges).

When we connect to it through aligned THINKING, we have the power to create and transform whatever life presents in our hands.

We SHAPE this energy.

But we forget we have access to this power.

We look at reality and think, “I have to struggle to make this happen. I have to rely on my mere effort and there is so much competition!!!”

Our resistant thoughts + action = STRUGGLE.

When we connect to the energy which creates worlds, the Universe gives us a massive helping hand.

There is inspired action and the journey is fun.

The right people, inspired ideas and opportunities seem to come easily.

There is ease and flow.

Creating is meant to be easier.

The Universe has lined up all the pieces.

When our beliefs match our desires and don’t contradict them the pieces will fall into place.

As Abraham says, not tapping into this leverage is like trying to vacuum the house without plugging into the electricity.

It’s like driving the car without the keys.

Get TAPPED in and CONNECTED for the best year of your life.


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