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All possibilities exist as realities NOW

All possibilities exist as realities now

Do you know all possibilities that can ever exist already exists in the NOW?

Just like the movie 'Sliding Doors', there are INFINITE variations of your life, along with their own sequence of events happening simultaneously.

  • There’s you buying a coffee.

  • You without the coffee.

  • You making a coffee...

You name it... all possible variations to infinity for all of us.

Why aren’t we aware of these parallel realities?

Time and space enable us to experience the most out of what’s in front of us now.

How confusing it would be being aware of ALL versions at the same time.

Whilst it isn’t so beneficial being aware of every infinite variation, it IS beneficial knowing the version of our lives we want ALREADY exists NOW in the universe.

We can TAP into that version through our vibration.

I’ve searched countless books to understand quantum realities.

The idea that TIME and SPACE don’t really exist, confounds yet excites me.

I‘ll do my best to explain it.

Time doesn’t really exist because all we have is NOW.

When we think of the past, we’re activating a thought about the past in the NOW.

When we think of the future, we’re activating a thought about the future NOW.

Every memory is a series of electromagnetic connections held in the physical brain and in the mind in the NOW.

NOW is what exists.

Imagine the Universe as one giant field with many coordinates.

Each coordinate is a POSSIBLE reality. There’s infinite coordinates.

Say I narrow my focus to coordinate ‘A’ and next I want to focus on coordinate ‘B’. Although both already exist in the field, I will select a set of experiences moving from A to B.

Much like a flip book of static images, as I move my focus from one static image to the next, it looks like a moving picture. I have now created the illusion of moving through ‘time’ in ‘space’.

In reality, ALL coordinates already exist.

Seth says, “You only choose to FOCUS your attention upon a highly specific field of space-time coordinates, accepting these as present reality and CLOSING yourselves off from all others… What separates events is not time, but your PERCEPTION. You perceive events ‘one at a time’.”

Why? So we can enjoy the journey between coordinates.

Much like not wanting to have a whole degustation meal at once, we savour more focusing on one dish at a time.

SPACE and TIME enable us to have a delicious experience.

The idea that time is an arrow pointing in one direction is an illusion.

Instead, think of time as a set of infinite coordinates radiating in all directions.

It is only consciousness that experiences it as an arrow.

Here's another example.

Sydney and Tokyo both exist.

As I shift focus on all the coordinates in-between Sydney to Tokyo (packing, getting on a plane, travelling, then arriving), my consciousness and body have moved through space and time to go from Sydney to Tokyo.

Yet Sydney and Toykyo were both there all along.

Our consciousness EXPERIENCES it as a journey from point A to point B.

This journey allows us to maximise our emotional experience and enjoy the journey.

So next time you feel limited, remember your reality, who you are and the nature of the universe is greater than you can possibly imagine.

“You do yourselves a grave injustice by limiting your conception of the self.

Your sense of identity, freedom, power and love would be immeasurably enhanced if you could understand what you are does not end at the boundaries of your skin...” - Seth.

Be aware your future self already exists. You are journeying to that coordinate.

You’re constantly choosing out of the infinite array of possibilities by your focus.

Instead of rushing from A to B, ask how can you enjoy the coordinate in front of you right now?

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25 ago 2023

Hey Anna, Your explanation on multiple realities with concepts of co ordinaries is such easy to understand.

Thank you!!

Me gusta
Anna Garcia
Anna Garcia
25 ago 2023
Contestando a

Thank you for sharing your thoughts - I'm glad this helped to understand our extraordinary universe.😁

Me gusta
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