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“It’s looming… I’m getting old… I’m turning 40… it’s all over.” These were the words I thought years ago. I felt the same words as I approached 30, like it was the end of a glorious era and the start of old age. My friends also turned 40. One friend asked me, “It’s okay isn’t Anna? Tell me turning 40 is going to be okay?” Here’s the thing I discovered. The reason why we feel sadness getting older is not because we are biologically getting older. The sadness comes from a DIFFERENCE of opinion with Source. The Universe thinks very differently to us and that vibrational gap triggers negative EMOTION (thanks to our emotional guidance system which kicks in whenever we deviate from Source). Here’s what that difference of opinion looked like: Me: I’m turning 40. My life is over. Universe: You’re turning 40. Your life is grand. There is plenty more universal energy to summon through you by attention to things that feel good. Me: I’m old. I’m counting. Universe: We don’t see age, we only see life. A person can be ‘old’ and remain youthful because of life energy flowing, resulting in joy. A person can be ‘young’ and almost seem not alive. Life is not about numbers but about allowing energy to flow. Me: Can’t you FEEL it? Tick tick tick. This number is a BIG 4-0! Universe: We don’t count, we see energy. You are an infinite universal ETERNAL being. Me: What do I do with my life now? I’m getting frail. Universe: People only grow frail because of their beliefs that one must grow frail. You can see the difference in opinions. In my sadness, I finally came around. I told myself, ‘No way this is the end! You know what? I’m gonna throw myself into everything I can think of that is FUN!’ That year, I had a Star Wars party. I made my family’s costumes. I danced. I made my cake. I enrolled in French cullinary class, did sushi making courses, enrolled in floristry, studied as a Zumba instructor, travelled and so much more. It became the BEST YEAR of my life! I realised it’s not about your age but your attitude to life. Why did it FEEL SO GOOD? Because I was finally in agreement with the Universe. Me: It’s not over yet. There is so much to experience and expand and summon. Universe: Hell yeah! We finally agree on something. . . . #stayingyoung #fulfilled #joyrich #happinessiskey #lawofattractioninaction #joy #lawofattractiontips #positivevibeonly #eternalyouth #positivibeonly #ageisjustanumber #aginggracefully #havemorefun #selfhelptips #agingbackwards #ageisjustanumber #turning40 .

Living young. Anna Garcia's Star Wars 40th birthday

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