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Life is a mirror reflection of your thoughts, so it's wise to look closer at the thoughts you are selecting.

I offer a range of coaching programs to help align your mindset.

Thoughts turn to things. This can be seen with  thought creating a feeling creating reality and creating contrast and creating more thoughts.

I offer:

- One on One Pay-Per-Session life coaching.

- Coaching Programs targeting alignment in specific areas of your life. 

- Group Coaching (please enquire)

Not sure what you are after?
Scroll below, contact me, or book a free intro session.

Free 30 minute Intro
Coaching Session

Not sure about coaching? 
This obligation-free session
allows you see if this life coaching partnership resonates with you. 

It's an opportunity to get some clarity and move forward 
toward your goals.

LIFE Coaching Programs and Single Sessions


Prices are in AUD

Anna Garcia Mindset Life Coach life changing Single sessions
One on One Pay-Per-Session
Coaching $180

1 x 1 Hour Session

Pay-per-sessions are a good option when you feel generally good in your life and just want fine tuning when misalignment pops up in certain areas of life.

Whilst there are benefits working with me over a number of sessions, individual sessions also allow you to practise more self-alignment independently. 

Anna Garcia Law of Attraction Life Coach confidence boost package
Confidence & Self-Worth
Booster $680

4 x 1 Hour Sessions over 2 months

True confidence and self-worth is not something you 'work at'. It is a by-product of what you believe about life. If you believe this world is out to get you, that you are here to compete and life is a struggle, it will be a challenge as you base your worth on your achievements.

If you believe you're loved unconditionally and life supports you, self-worth and confidence will return. I use processes to reconnect you back to who you really are - an infinite amazing being. Once connected you will flow this naturally.

Life Coach package work life balance
Work Life Balance - Have it All

4 x 1 Hour Sessions over 2 months

Is it really possible to have it all? Work and personal life in balance? Yes, of course. You just can't access that balance while sitting in the midst of the problem.

If you zoom out to space you can see a natural balance of planets, galaxies, etc... in the Universe.  Who is holding that together? There is a Universal manager that balances everything in place. You have access to that within you.I help you reconnect to that part so you can tune to it's guidance.  It will gently guide your actions to achieve balance and harmony in your life so you can enjoy it all.

Anna Garcia Mindset life coaching allowing happier relationships package
Allowing a Happier Relationship with Your Partner $680

4 x 1 Hour Sessions over 2 months

'You complete me' causes more problems in relationships than anything else I've seen. You must complete yourself and be individually in charge of your own happiness for a successful relationship to work. 

I help you reframe your thoughts around relationships so you can fall in love with your own life and therefore bring out the best in the other. Choose single or couple coaching sessions.

Happier Family relationships coaching package
Happier Family Relationships $680

4 x 1 Hour Sessions over 2 months

Is someone really annoying you in the family? I'm sorry to say I can't get rid of them. You have no control over what another person does, but you do have control over how you feel about them.

I show you how to soften your resistance against them so you can focus on the best aspects of them. Over time, as your feelings change, the best of them will show up more by Law of Attraction.

Feeling stuck, or in a funk? Let me show you how to reconnect to the Universal part of you that already knows the solution to everything you are looking for in life.

The Universe already sees all of your desires in fruition, so I show you how to tap into that and have greater vision.
Gain greater clarity, feel more ease and fun as you watch your life flow from inspiration, not obligation.

feeling stuck coaching package.
Reconnection For Direction $680

4 x 1 Hour Sessions over 2 months

Release anxiety and stress package
Releasing Overwhelm,
Anxiety and Stress $680

4 x 1 Hour Sessions over 2 months

You can easily feel overwhelm, anxiety and stress when you rely purely on your action to receive results and when you think it all depends on you. This is because there are only so many hours in the day and so much action you can do.

I show you how to leverage the power of universal forces and tap into a bigger life force in you, the Universal Manager who is looking after you. Relax back into the enjoyment of your activities the way you intended when you came into this physical life.

Leveraging universal power for business package
Leveraging Universal
Power for Business $680

4 x 1 Hour Sessions over 2 months

When you have access to source energy, you are tapping into a greater power and leverage than what you have access to with mere effort and action.

Money is the by-product of aligned energy. So I will teach you how to align with your vision using visualisation and other processes so your action is inspired. This allows you to enjoy the journey in your business as much as the result. The more you enjoy what you do, the more you attract opportunities.

Mindset life coach abundance package
Abundance Mindset 

4 x 1 Hour Sessions over 2 months

As a child you were taught in limited supply. Think of the game 'Musical Chairs'. I help reframe your thinking from survival consciousness (limited supply) to the truth that there is an infinite supply according to how much you are prepared to allow into your life.

Abundance comes in many forms so once you tap into other areas of abundance in your life and expand your awareness of wealth already existing,  you are in a better place to attract abundance in the form of money. 

Law of Attraction Life Coaching releasing fear package.
Releasing Fear $680

4 x 1 Hour Sessions over 2 months

Fear is really a symptom of the disconnection you experience from who you really are  - an infinite Universal being.
 When you know there is no source of darkness, only a blocking of the light and that you are unconditionally loved, you start to allow your well-being to flow.

Law of Attraction then matches you up with more good feelings and you will be like a child gravitating toward what you want, rather than being aware of, or running away from what you don't want.


4 x 1 Hour Sessions over 2 months

Mastering a Healthy Body $680
Mastering a healthy body package.

Did you know that your individual cells have consciousness? And did you know your cells are constantly in a replenishing mode? Your body is an amazing mechanism that responds to your thought because it is made up of energy.

I will show you how to energetically align to the healthiest vision of you,  so that when you take action steps they become enjoyable. Having a healthy body does not have to mean struggling for it.

Anna Garcia Life Coaching mix it up coaching package
Mix It Up Coaching $680

Need help in a number of areas? Mix it up with this 4 session package. It allows you to have sessions on the ever changing topics that pop up in your life. By booking a package you save on the cost of individual sessions.

I use energy processes and an understanding of Law of Attraction to help you guide yourself into alignment.

4 x 1 Hour Sessions over 2 months

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